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Brett Becker: Man Boobs Redefined


A whole new kind of peak...


This looked strange to you?


Most of us aren't use to seeing pecs from that angle unless we are blowing the guy.


Gee, I saw them all of the time from that angle when the bench was in front of the damn mirror.

Either way, his pecs aren't strange. I am pretty sure mine at least match that so this thread is ODD in a fucking BODYBUILDING forum.

The only people I know who refer to big pectorals as "man boobs" are sedentary people or those who never set foot in a gym. How the fuck does someone log into this forum with that mentality?


I call them my 'chesticles'


The ad that popped up on the video was for HumanGrowthHormones.Com. I found that interesting. Carry on.


Oh, I agree this kid is probably like 12, just sayin, the average dude may see some jacked guys up front, but not from this angle.

You think it's hard for any little kid to type in 'weight lifting' or...gasp... steroids and stumble upon T-Nation on google.

I like how your giving him a little credit and actually assuming he lifts weights because he posts here. I think we found out a while ago that that is not the case.


great i guy working his chest, WTF???? a necessary thread.


A bit of levity, and you assume that I am a 12-year-old non-lifting troll? In truth I have never looked at pecs from that angle(probably because of my sexual orientation), and I think you ought to be a lot less belligerent. Although we all seem to be used to it.


You don't have mirrors in your house? I see pecs from that angle every morning by getting out of bed. Why would homosexuality come into the picture?

Either way, I doubt many larger bodybuilders are ok with the term "man boobs" being used for the chest they worked hard on for years. If pointing that out to you equals "belligerence" then maybe you need to understand that you used a derogatory word to define something that many of us spend our lives working on perfecting.


I concede, then, that my choice of words was ill-advised. But I meant no disrespect towards Mr. Becker, quite the contrary. I would definitely be pleased by man boobs of my own, were they made entirely of muscle.
And if I may point this out, you hardly need to remind me of the far-from-trivial size of your pecs in every post. I stand convinced.