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BreStruction II




Hi there. The picture didn't load :frowning:

You don't really need a welcome since you've been posting around these parts for a bit. Personally I find food information really boring but love to hear about the lifts. It sounds like you have a decent environment to lift in. It doesn't matter about the cardio/curler crowd. Just do what you do. You already seem to be doing pretty well at it too.

What part of Germany are you in?


oops! heres the photo. me looking scrawny in May 2010


near Frankfurt


whatever, massive fail with photos. But you dont need photos to imagine a skinny chick! you have the internet :slight_smile:


Even though you were in Training Logs and post a bit, I officially welcome you to PW :slight_smile:

Happy you found a healthy lifestyle and left that anorexia behind.


:D!! glad to see you here!!


hottest pic I have ever seen


Okay the picture posted and it made me laugh... a lot.




Great pic! Seems like you are on the right track to putting on some serious muscle. Great attitude btw!!!


Which one's you? :wink:

Read up on setup and execution of the big three over at elitefts (nice vid series on benching too), that should save you an incredible amount of trouble and time spent recovering from injuries...

Oh, and just to avoid another embarrassing thread in the beginner section:
No, spotting on the bench press does not involve having your ass grabbed, and on the deadlift there usually is no spotting at all :slight_smile:

Good luck with your training.


Hi!! I read your log!! How's it going?! :slight_smile:


I figured spotting on the bench would involved getting your boobs grabbed, but I dont have to worry about that :wink:
Yeah, in the photo, I'm the one with the gaping assho... ohh.. wait. LOLZ




haha thanks. Yes Sir.....no fooling ourselves here in this log.


Thanks Nikki...that really was the BIGGEST F#$%ing WASTE of time in my life....Even when I was 115lbs, size 0, and people asking me if I modeled all the time, I STILL thought I looked like shit. Id like to blame the media and all of that, but while that's part of it, I feel like the other part is not wanting to become an adult in someway. Once I took more direction in my life, I stopped caring what I looked like...or caring about how much I could control my food. I worry that working out is also sort of addicting for me, but I reason that it's just a way to cope right now with living in the middle of no where, working as much as possible, and just something to focus intensely on. This forum is really nice because y'all are really supportive and helpful.


How can I ignore what you're doing in that photo? (I admit I'd do exactly the same thing).
And, uh, welcome.


seems so


obvious now