Brentpattison's FIREADY Log

Hello, I’m Brent Pattison. I’m 40 years old, married with 2 boys, I have a huge hyper active dog, and I’m a Firefighter paramedic. MY boys are 4 and 7, the dog is a 100lb athelete, and they keep me on the go constantly. Physical fitness is a necessity for me, in my personal life as well as professionally. I have been involved with city of San Gabriel Fire Dept in some form for over 10 years and have always been very into fitness, even did some personal training as a younger man. Currently, my wife and I share a home gym and I exercise at work because it is very important to stay ready for the job. Firefighting often requires you to push your body past your comfort zone because we’re required to do very strenuous work, any time of day or night, and with no warm up.
This program is the first I’ve participated in that is specifically geared towards the fire service. The challenge ahead of me is exciting and I’m enthusiastic that this program will change not only myself and my department, but lead the way for future fire departments to become “job” ready as well.

Saturday was day 1. Z Squat 95lbs. New movement for me probably light but with tempo focus, challenging non the less.
Bench press 135. Tempo is everything for this day. Barely finished the last set, so spot on.
Rack pulls, 205. Good weight and what a finisher. Strong start.

Most notable difference was waking up in the morning feeling ready go! Surge has me motivated!!!

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I completed day 2 on 9/4.
Sled drag forward. 90lbs
Zercher Sand bag carry 45lbs
Sled drag backwards 90lbs.

This workout was tough but also great for an at work simulator. The pace and style of the workload really reminded me of being on the fire ground. The high temperatures and humidity of the day was great prep for being acclimated in turnouts.

Properly hydrating with surge has lowered my recovery time and I’m not crashing at any point during the day.

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Good morning everyone!
Block 1 day 3 completed 9/6

|A1. Box Jump|Explosive|1 min|
|A2. Back Squat|Explosive|2-3 min|
|B1. Broad Jump|Explosive|1 min|
|B2. Kettlebell Swing|Explosive|2-3 min|
|C1. Plyo Push-up from Bench|Explosive|1 min|
|C2. Bench Press|Explosive|2-3 min|

Another great example of a fire incident workload. I went a little too heavy on the bench press for my first round but adjusted to keep up the explosive tempo.
Biggest take away is the from the workout logs and recovery. Mentally, the motivation has been higher during the workouts because of the added accountability of these logs. I have always been susceptible to DOMS, and so far the soreness I have experienced is dramatically reduced. I am stoked, because the workload has increased without any of the pain.

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Block 1, Day 4 complete. 9/8
|A1. Bear Crawl |Walking|Minimal|
|A2. Sled Sprint, Pulling Rope on Shoulder|Sprint|Minimal|
|A3. Sled Rope Pull |Rhythmic|Minimal|
|A4. Crawling |Walking|Minimal|
|A5. 100-lb Cyclone Bag Bear-Hug Backward Carry |Walking|Minimal|
|A6. Tire Strike with Sledgehammer |Explosive|Minimal|

This was great as a group circuit. 3 of us worked together with minimal rest. It’s always great having a workout I can complete with my crew. Knowing I have someone on my heels is great motivation because I don’t want to let anyone catch me, each second matters.

I crashed hard in the afternoon. I attribute this to the workout and lack of sleep the night before.

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