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Brendan Tevlin/ Domestic Terrorism



What a waste.


That was my first thought too. He looks like a really nice kid. Brown was also one of the murderers of a 17-year-old black girl - shot her in the head for her iPhone.


Oh yeah, didn't mean to suggest that this was a black white thing. Where is the guy that did this going to get these ideas or did he come with them on his own? Makes you wonder if you don't have someone grooming these lunatics to be ticking time bombs.


And after a little digging, the girl in the picture was actually killed by another man, claiming the same cause. Ali Muhammad Brown that killed the guy, also killed three other men in Seattle, two of them a gay couple and another men.

You can do a search on every network but Fox and not find even a mention of this. With the exception of one local CBS affiliate and an NBC one before the guy got caught.


I wasn't thinking you were saying it was black on white. I was just reading about it and the source I was reading said he was involved in other murders including the gay guys you mentioned.


There was a big terrorism raid here in Australia on Thursday. One of the guys they arrested was planning on kidnapping a random person off the street, decapitating them and uploading it to the net in support of IS.


Also an Aus citizen here, do you think the upcoming anti-terror laws are a reasonable response?

I am really resenting our current governments increasing intrusion into our lives, especially up in Queensland. Thoughts?


It reminded me of that British solider the Somali filth murdered on the streets not too long ago. Made me physically ill. Something must be done with these vermin. I heard an idea recently I fully support. If one is arrested for any Terrorist related crime, their whole family is deported. The whole damn extended family. Back to the hell hole they came from.


It's a difficult question because it is the state itself that is responsible for terrorism. Every Islamic nut job plotting murder in the country is here by virtue of the fact that the state allowed them to migrate here and created a climate for sectarianism to flourish - multiculturalism, radical identity politics, appeasement etc. there is no longer a civil society - merely a hostile state apparatus that presides over a nihilistic sectarian populace. Whatever the state does or doesn't do is really of little interest to me.


^ it's the same here. The entrenched Left firmly believes Nationalism is a far greater threat to America than ISIS or radical Islam. Radical Islam will in the end be the true folly of the left. When they begin to impose their strict intolerance on them, they will finally realize the flaws in their ideology. But by then it will be too late.


When Sharia Law comes, the Left is going to love the new adjustments! There will be no gay parades or gender-neutral bathrooms. San Fransisco would be quarantined. "Women's groups" would be outlawed. If one got caught conducting a "Gender Studies" course, the sentence would be 20 years of hard labor. Abortion clinics would be blown up. All Starbucks would be torched. The ACLU would be declared a terrorist organization. Anyone possessing pornographic material would be stoned in public. Any man observed wearing skinny jeans would be given 17 lashes. Ruth Bader Gingsburg would be confined to washing sinks at a Brooklyn deli. Oh yeah, there would be a "War on Women" all right. The first victim would be Debbie Washerman-Schultz. Tenured University professors would be fired and deported citing them as Enemies of The State. All trial lawyers would be disbarred.

Won't multiculturalism be grand?


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What I fear is street gangs turning from concentration on the drug trade to extremist Islam. I can picture the Folks or Gangster Disciples possibly embracing ISIS.


A valid argument could be made in favor of this one!


This is where ideological fantasy starts to distort reality.

Street gangs are businesses, especially when you go a couple steps up the food chain, whose goal is to make $$. Sure you have the idiots hanging out near the bottom of the food chain who really don't get it, and could be a possible threat.

This radical Islam BS is pure religious fanaticism and irrationality.

If anything, they have a common enemy, but our version of the Sardukar is the gangbangers. We should figure out a way to let them loose on the Jihadis.


It's already happened: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/06/two-texas-muslims-indicted-by-federal-grand-jury-on-jihad-terror-charges


We may have some common ground here.



Dig the Dune reference. And not a bad idea, really....But there were already ISIS signs in Ferguson during the riots which leads me to believe any idiot low lifes might be inclined to align with this group the same way they already align with pre-existing street gangs.