Breeno's Journey to Becoming a Dorito

I’ve been training for about 3-4 years now, most of the size I packed on in the first 2. The past 2 years I’ve been spinning my wheels: chasing the scale and putting on too much fat then cutting to end up back where I started. Currently 5’11 188lbs and working mainly on width up top and a small waist, shooting for dat Dorito look.

I’ll post pics later on, along with diet and current training feel free to critique and ask questions, but this is mainly so I can keep a rough record of what I’ve been doing.





I finished a slow cut at the beginning of June and since then I’ve been maintaining/reverse dieting trying to keep lean and fill out a little. Currently my macros are still low: P 220 C 280 F 60 but I’m putting on about 1-2 lbs a month on that so don’t see a need to change it. I’m trying to add about 10-20g carbs per week to keep ramping my metabolism and make it easier next year when I cut again.


Generally high reps, anywhere from 10-30. I have recently started chasing the pump and trying to feel the muscle contracting, since I’m looking to add muscle in specific areas not all over. I use a lot of partials on shoulders, superset bis/tris and use barbells for rows a la JM. Leg training is in the form of sprints 2-3x per week and sporadic hamstring pumping sets, since they’re not my priority. I may come back to improve my legs once I’m improved dem ratios up top but currently they are last on my list :confused:

Weight: 189-190 lbs

Since the summer I’ve been going with the high reps and I just feel like it isn’t working for me, I haven’t seen a noticeable change in the mirror for probably the last 2 months. This meant I lost motivation and wasn’t looking forward to going to the gym at all?so I’m going to change things up. As of tomorrow I will be training 4/5x a week and aiming to hit back, arms, chest