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breathing questions

hi fellas,
I have three questions about breathing:

1.how do I breathe if i am doing a long rep(lets just say, 10 seconds)

2.Is there any general rule that I can use for breathing when working out? Because I have read several things- such as breathe in when doing the concentrics, or just don’t think about your breathing as it will take care of itself instinctually.

3.In charles poliquins "manly weight loss" book, many of the exercises say to "inhale,hold your breathe and exhale once your past the sticking point". But the definition of s" sticking point" that I was given, was that it is when you cannot lift the weight any further. But surely this can't be right, because that only happens on my last rep. If anybody(s) could help me with any of my questions, i'd really appreciate it. Thank you guys

If you do a superslow type of rep then there is no way you can cadence your breathing with the positive or negative portions of the movements in question. Just breath all the time. Seriously. See if you can find anything that Ken Hutchins has written regarding the dangers (albeit rare possibility) of Val Salva. I hope this helps…

For long reps & isometrics, take short shallow breaths.

there was an article in the past issues of T-Man on how to become stronger, it said that if you tighten your abs you will for some as yet unexplained reason become stronger. In my experience this was the case, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing this naturally along with holding my breath thru the concentric movement. Both holding my breath and tightening my abs now naturally occurs during my reps and it does seem to help… this might be only psychological or what not but hey if it helps it helps.

The “sticking point” is usually where the motion of the weight stops when going to failure. It’s the point at which your leverages are at the greatest disadvantage. Usually, once you get past this point in any rep, the rest f the rep becomes much easier, and the weight accelerates. This is the point at which you’d release your breath.