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Breathing Properly


What's goin' on my peeps? I was lookin' at some old ass interviews and stories on a bunch of old school strong man guys like Sandow and the Saxon brothers and all them, and a lot of them kept talking about breathing properly and deeply. Do you guys have any tips on proper breathing?

My big problem in a lot of ways is that I breath very shallow, whether if it's just sitting down or working out. I can't seem to open my diaphragm (sp? Female Contreceptive device?) to take huge breaths.

I get very winded when running sprints and have a hard time recovering, but my biggest problem is when I do any kind of repetition work. When I do push ups I get winded very easy.
Any tips you guys can give me on helping this? Anything would be appreciated.

I don't feel it's so much conditioning (though it's not where it should be) as much as what I think it is.


just practice breathing into your abdomen. Take 15 min a day to do it. Your stomach should start to protrude when you breathe in, rather than the chest expanding. Breathe out naturally - don't force the breath out.

In addition to getting more oxygen to your body, it's also very relaxing.


I don't know if this is exactly what you had in mind, but I talk about breathing in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXgEXiTCjqo

Pavel Tsatsouline talks a lot about breathing in his book "The Naked Warrior". Good stuff IMO.