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Breathing Problems

24 year old powerlifter. I’ve noticed that when I do any high rel high weight exercise I get out of breath to the point I can’t breathe I’ve had the problem before but its really botheeing me now days. I played soccer for nine years and never had a problem then but that was years ago. I don’t know if Im starting to acquire asthma or if its anxiety that causing the problem or something else. Im fine with heavy weight low reps. I just recently started to jog to build cardiovascular but the same thing happened in less than a quarter mile.

Maybe just a cardio issue if you gained a considerable amount of weight since you played soccer? Try just walking at a good pace and see if the same thing occurs. If it does, maybe you developed EIA and now it’s getting worse. Have you noticed difficulty breathing from other irritants such as smoke, dust, pollen or pollution?

If its getting bad enough that it effects daily activities seek a doc. Good luck.

I havenlt gained lots of weight. Im 190 now. I don’t really notice anything bothering it like smoke or pollen or dust. What is EIA

Exercise induced asthma:

Here’s some info, sounds like your case.


Any AAS use? How’s your blood pressure? Some of the anabolic compounds can cause pulmonary edema by themselves, and high blood pressure (from AAS possibly) can cause pulmonary edema. I take blood pressure medicine. The doctor recently switched me to another kind but didn’t get the dose right. My pressure was getting higher and higher, and that’s one of the main ways I realized there was a problem.