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Breathing, Need Real Help

had a previous post on here where I got alot of help. Well to continue with the story. I have been training alot since then and I haven’t improved in fact I have regressed(Cardio wise feel better then I ever have and sprint a whole lot faster).However, I am to the point now where when I run distance I have to hold my head to the side just so I can get enough breath in me. I cant run with my head straight up. And then it gets to the point where my chest tightens up and my breathing just narrows like I’m getting little wind in me.

I went out and lost weight well BF%. I now weigh 186lbs and have 13%bf. I have done sprint programs, endurance programs, cardio weight training, treadmill, elliptical, plyometrics, ruck marching. I have done all those things to help me improve and nothing has worked.

I can sprint with the best in my company. But Its as if my lungs dont get enough in me to do any kind of endurance runs without catching my breath( or force breathing).

I took the meth challenge and I came back negative for asthma. I have tried insoles for my feet built for me by the brace shop and I’m still sucking.

It’s got to the point now where I can’t even do my APFT Test in my proper time of 16:36 I used to never have a problem with this. I’ve ran a pt test on Saturday for myself and the fastest I can do while also collapsing was 17:25. I max pushups, I max situps. I’m always there on rucks, Any other Pt. But Distance runs I just cant do.

The problem is in the military they don’t want excuses they want action. I have been in for 6 years and never had any problems and think Im in good shape save for the distance runs. But I am considered to be a loser because I can’t run for distance.

I have went to my TMC. She isn’t useful. I did do the metha challenge test and I came back negative for asthma. And Now I still cant run. I have to do Army PT 2 times a day now for the past 2 months and still haven’t improved and have gotten worse. When I was overweight I could run 1530 easily I was like 193. I have lost over 8% of BF now and can’t even complete a 8 min mile. Could there possible be something wrong with me. But over the last 14 months My cardio seems to be declining.

Can’t control breating
Chest tightens up
Lose feeling in my right arm
Can’t hold head straight up to get proper breath in.
Shin Splints hurt to death but have imprved with my use of 1000 mg of naproxed before pt as drected.

In fact my Doc told me that She would prescribe me all the pain killers I need. But In my own heart. I know that for some reason my body just can’t do it anymore. And I don’t know why, which is worse. I can do all the other stuff no problem yet I can’t run an 8 minute mile. And then when I fall out I keep chugging alone best as I can but people think I am being lazy. When I’m not. Theres nothing more in the world right now I want then to be able to run without ailments.

The problem is I don’t know whats wrong with me and no one else seems to know or care. I don’t get it. I do alot of cardio even HIIT sprints AND can hang in. But When I have to run up and down the roads I’m like a deadman.

I know this is a long read but I need help. Please.

Id go see a doc that will do test if the one you have wont go to another. It also sounds a LOT!!! like a mental block that you create on your own that you need to get past

Best of luck sorry I dont have more

It can’t be a mental block. I have for a long time been able to run with no problem. Now I can’t.

Maybe you have low blood levels. I was too having some of those symtoms a while ago. It turns out I had Crohn’s disease and that my hemagloben was 42. Perhaps get a blood test and see where that’s at.

I have asthma myself and I can tell you one thing with 100% confidence: Most “ordinary” doctors do NOT know how to test nor medicate asthma patients in the right way.

You need a specialist to take care of asthma if you want proper help.

Because I’m allergic to pollen, I was last year sent to the hospital where they handle inoculations for that. Since pollen and asthma is closely related they have specialists who work together on this issue and before I started my “cure” for pollen I went through different tests for my lungs and the doctor there, who btw is a leading specialist on the field, could tell me that I’ve medicated the wrong way through my whole life.

Among others tests I was sitting inside that closed box, which you’ve probably have seen some atheletes etc do when they were testing their lung capacity. It turned out that my lungs were only working at 73% effect!!

Without going too much into details, I’ve used a product called Spirocort which is based on budesonid. Budesonid has a long term effect effect on the lungs and helps “expanding” them to be able to “absorb” more oxygen. What I should have used, and is using now, is Symbicort which is a combination of both budesonid and formorterol which is both has a long term and fast effect on the way my lungs can “absorb” oxygen.

If your doctor refuses to help you any further, tell her that you either A) Wants to be directed to a specialist who only take care of “lung patients” or B) You’re getting a new doctor who wants to direct you to a specialist.

It’s your life and you’re in control of what’s going to happen with it. Get to a specialist.

NB: I live in Denmark, Europe, and I guess we have different rules etc for how the health system works, but still. You need to get a specialist to examine you.