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Breathing Method During Exercise?


When executing an exercise, when does one inhale and exhale, im confused beyond belief. For example when doing a bench press, do I inhale when i push the barbell upwards and exhale on the waydown or visa versa, and is the breathing and important thing to do correctly.


(Stoked to have a work bench now)


Oh dear…


You want to breathe out during the hard parts… :wink:

I find breathing properly really helps me.


Thanks mate, it makes sense.


[quote]kobb wrote:
is the breathing and important thing to do correctly.[/quote]

Yes, breathing is an important thing to do. Fortunately (hopefully?) it’s something you’ve been doing for several years on your own now.

Unless you have blood pressure issues, I’m going to trust you to breath however you want to during training. Hold it (look up “valsalva maneuver”), exhale while you exert force, or try whistling while you squat (quick learning curve on that one). You’ll figure it out as you go.