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Breathing in and Back Pain


Sometimes when I breathe in recently there is a pain in my back. Feels like its the lower back. It does not hurt when I put pressure on my back at all. Lifting, no problem either.

Does anyone know if this is a symptom of anything?

Im just curious. I know i should go see a doctor. Just asking if anyone has any previous knowledge of something similar like this.

I think it may be my computer chair....hmm...


erm, i forgot to mention. on short breaths there is no pain at all. while i take a deep breath in is when i feel a pain.


How low on the back? At first glance I thought a rib may be out.

Robertson or Ryan are the men to ask though.


Eh, im kinda dumb. But its like the middle of my back, really.


Go to a chiropractor. You have a rib out of place. been there done that.


I agree that it's probably a rib out of place.

Go straight to the chiro if your insurace allows, the doctor visit would just be a waste of money on back pain anyway.



It is not necessarily a "rib out of place". Though there might be a sprain of the costovertebral junction (it is a synovial joint), it could just as easily be a strain of an intercostal muscle (external intercostal since the difficulty is with inspiration). Since the external intercostal functions as an accessory muscle to active inspiration, it is no wonder why you feel pain with large, active air intake. It could also be a combination of the two. Have you tried any "deep-breathing" exercises or just started pull overs to "increase chest size"?

Treat it as if it was a strain of somesort.

Poor posture in the workplace can definitely lead to this type of problem. Since you could be potentially placing the muscles in a stretched position with bad posture, I would take a hard look at how you lounge around the house or at work. If this seems to be the case, have your significant other place tape across your back across your scapulae (along the midline in the horizontal plane) while you are sitting up with your scapulae retracted. This is an easy version of something called McConnell taping.

Quick question, though. Does this pain keep you up at night? Has this pain onset correlated with any type of flu-like symptoms such as respiratory distress?
I had to ask these, because with any sort of pain in the thorax, one needs to be careful it is not of any other origin except musculoskeletal.


My parents said I pulled a muscle(hmm..).
Considering the pain has diminshed almost entirely, I think thats what happened. I was doing cleans/hang cleans/clean & press at the gym, but I dont think the posture from that was bad, besides the press part. I really am concerned about my computer chair though, so Im gonna get a new one and go from there.

Thanks for the posts guys.