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Breathing During Medleys

So the kids hid my sledgehammer. Or some jagoff stole it. Conditioning Sunday was tire flips and keg bear hug walks for 15 minutes with as little rest as I could manage (15-30 seconds usually).

After the first few rounds I started hyperventilating… kinda. Just super heavy breathing. I forced myself to keep working and make the breaths deeper and more regular.

That ever happen to you experienced guys? How do you handle it?

Don’t know if I count as experienced, but I have blacked out during carries. Biggest thing for me is to monitor and regulate the breathing BEFORE breathing becomes difficult. Establish a pattern and rythymn, and carry that throughout the entirety of the medley.

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agreed. you really have to focus on ‘correct’ breathing to get through long carries and medleys, particularly when the implement will be restrictive, such as with a hussafel carry, a conan’s wheel, or even a keg carry. I’ve got a hussafel carry coming up in a month that’s going to be 200 feet, and the most difficult aspect of it will be proper positioning of the implement and a focus on breathing.

I blacked out on mine at 207’ :joy: it was a lot worse than a sandbag, in my opinion

dude i hate the hussafel. last time i did it in a show, the stone itself was enormous. Like 4’ tall, couldn’t see over it so we had to walk with a spotter. It was 285 lbs for max distance. I got 180’ in a minute i believe. My next show will be ALL about speed and conditioning. It’s a long walk, but the stone is small, concrete, and only 210 lbs. I should be practically running with it. Pick speed and all that will play a role. And a drop or fall would be catastrophic.

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Miserable event but I hate carrying anything
resembling a cross more.

I always do a big belly breath then try to do short sharp breathes very often. If it’s 15m or less, I try not to breathe after the first one.

One of my first keg runs, I was well off the pace and the keg felt light… so I sprinted. The keg had water in it so it created it’s own momentum. I couldn’t stop, it was like running downhill. Anyway, that ended ugly.

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How are you planning on gripping/carrying it? I did the traditional hug with fingers laced, but some of the better performers at my last contest had their arms under the base rather than the “arms” or whatever you’d call them.

It’s so dependent on the size and shape of the stone. Some have more depth to them, some are shorter, some taller, etc. Metal vs concrete matters as well.

In many instances, when the stone is heavier or just larger, I have to kind of ‘lap’ the stone to get my grip right. In this instance, it’s so light and small, I can kind of one-motion it up. I can grab it high, pick it and toss it a little to get under it and just take off, rather than wasting precious seconds at the start line getting set. I don’t have to get crazy low on the stone to get the bottom of it above my hips. So the thing I’m going to train more than the actual carry is the pick and take-off. I’m going to play around with trying to get one arm around and under it, but whether I do that or not in comp depends on how long it takes and how it affects my speed.