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Breathing During Deadlifts?


Do you:

A) Inhale before you pull and exhale at the lockout.

B) Inhale before you pull, lock it out and set it down before exhaling.



If it's really heavy and i'm going to lower it under control, I'll take another breath at lockout and exhale after dropping the weight.


i think breathing too deeply can be a bad idea for people with compression in their vertebrae, as deep deep breaths create a lot of intrabdominal pressure and push against the spine, causing pain.

you don't need to take the deepest breath on a deadlift to stay as tight as is necessary.


Yeah, the same. If it's heavy, you'll want a bit of fresh air before the descent.



And drop the weight from the top, I don't wanna be the guy that gets hurt putting his deadlift down.


B I think. Hell never really thought to much about it. Kind of a hybrid I think. I am pretty sure I am exhaling on the decent after a pause on the lock out.


No, you want to be the guy that gets kicked from the gym for dropping weights.

If you can't put it down, don't pull it up. It's as simple as that.


I suck in a big gulp before pulling and then take another deep breath before lowering the bar. I never drop the weight on my pulls...just do everything in reverse, trust me gravity helps you on the way back home.


Thanx for the replies.

I tried method B for a few sets last night, I got a wicked headache.


Then I suggest A for you.



It's a controlled drop, but thanks mom.

I work the up, not the down.

You don't get white lights for how well you set the weight down.