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Breathing Difficulties at 180nmol Total T

Hi All, I would really appreciate any advice as I’m currently having some breathing difficulties. I can barely wear a mask and go shopping, I can’t really talk fast and my pulmonary function test shows my lungs are only operating at 70%. I had a CT Scan which showed my lungs were perfect and the doctor is confused as to what is causing my breathing issues.

Its been five weeks on cycle now…
Week 1-3 - 500mg Test pw
Week 4 - 750mg Test pw

Bloods done at week 4 and they are showing 180nmol… which is really high (so maybe i went a little over) but my E2 is only 200pmol which is high but I’ve adjusted my aromasin dose.

I ran the other day and after a minute I felt like i was going to die. I was wheezing from my lungs and couldnt breathe. I was scared I couldn’t ‘catch my breath’.

Would this high of a testosterone level do this?

Thanks for your time reading this, I really appreciate any help I can get right now.

Is this your first cycle? Are you taking anything else besides test? Do you have a history of difficulty breathing?

It could potentially be allergic asthma which would mean you are allergic to a component of the test. Did the breathing problem get worse after you increased the dose from 500 to 750?

How much weight did you gain in those 5 weeks?

What test did the doctor base your 70% lung function off of? Fev-1?

Thanks @rusty_hammer for your reply.

I have cycled on and off for about five years. Mostly deca and test with some clen cycles. I recently started proviron 50mg ED and stopped pinning test to bring my levels back to baseline. Its been about a week and a half since my last pin. I thought I’d start pinning 250mg/wk after 2-3wks depending on how I felt.

I don’t have any history of difficult breathing. This has come on pretty rapidly. I was using new test which had gso in it around week 3, but im sure it was starting before this. Its like over two weeks I could barely breathe. Even now when talking fast I get short of breath. I did gain a bit in 5 weeks, about 5kg but I’ve been eating pretty ‘crap’ and overeating a little but I’ve done this before and the doctor said there is definitely something restricting my lung function.

Could it be something as simple as reflux? It is bloody scary. Especially having a new gf, I can’t root very well. Lucky im nice or she would have left my ass already.

Please get back to your medical provider and get this sorted out ASAP.


The first thing that jumped out at me was your elevated T, Hct, White cells and neutrophils, and cRP isn’t great either. Are you fighting an infection? Acute inflammation plus elevated RBC (secondary erythrocytosis from AAS/T/androgen use) can result in elevated blood viscosity which may be causing issues. Did you have a metabolic panel run?

Ask your health care provider if you need to get that Hct down ASAP? A double red donation may quickly help reduce Hct (at least temporarily if you don’t stop the AAS abuse).

More background:


The high white blood cell counts stood out to me, too. More monocytes in your system and more neutrophils.

Higher neutrophils are found in patients with pulmonary embolism. This is an acute emergency. Difficulty breathing is a sign for that. But a doctor would have caught that in my opinion. High HCT predisposes one for that too.

Combined with monocytosis it points to an acute infection or tissue necrosis. Did you have any contact with people who coughed? Do you have any symptoms?

Or any other symptoms than breathlessness?

Did the doctor check your heart? Shortness of breath is very often a sign of heart problems. Also the tissue necrosis leading to higher white blood cells could be a sign of that.

Do you have problems breathing when lying down?

I agree with @readalot, this should be in the hands of a physician right now.

@lordgains thanks for your reply.

They were private bloods so I could check whether my RBC was high and therefore possibly this was heart related. I did bloods again about four days after this, in which ill post the results soon. All these WBC values reduced, so perhaps it could be from the PIP of the new gso based test im using. Previous gear had no pip (and now the ugl disappeared! - tnt labs Australia).

Otherwise the only other background data i have is i went on cycle because i came off an snri (duloxetine) and I was having libido issues (about 5 weeks ago). I’ve been staying at a friends house pretty regularly and there’s a bit of black mould there but the doctor said that wouldn’t give me the symptoms I have.

I have no cough. I have noticed my nasal passage and throat is a bit gunked up but not huge amounts, just enough to piss my gf off with snoring now. Im not overly overweight but I do have some fat since bulking and kinda letting my diet go. Im just over 20% bf at the moment and 115kg 5’11".

Doctor has a referral for an ECG there which ill pick up and book today. Ill try get covid tested today also but that’s highly unlikely where I live, we haven’t had a community transmission until last week for 10 months and this was prior to that.

I don’t seem to have problems at rest. I can tell something is up but no difficulties. It’s just when I exercise or even talk too fast its hard to breathe. I will get on my pc and google all the other things you have mentioned. Thanks so much, this has been really scary for me. I was actually happy cruising on 175 and cycling up to 250mg of test and now I’ve discovered proviron I think im happy with that combo. Hopefully I can fix this soon.

I was on 250mg test for a couple months and then met my gf and had sexual issues with “losing interest” midway through sex. Even when i shut down (before being on trt) I could still get erections and be ok so it concerned me. I came off the antidepressants and had run 500/400mg wk of test/deca before and had no issues. Just a couple spots of shoulder and chest acne, nothing some aromasin couldn’t fix.

I was having 500mg/wk and i thought I’d do my first “big boy” cycle at 750mg a week. I thought it would be safe. I realise this crap isn’t worth dying for now and I don’t think im going to cycle that high again. Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes and this thread.

I will collect the ecg referral and post back how I go.

This is pretty damn big. If you are correct on body fat, you should look like a beast. If not, you are probably off on your body fat estimate.

I feel like a beast, ready to beast… but cant breathe :frowning:

I was so looking forward to this cycle too. I just did my Echocardiogram. I should have the results by tomorrow or Friday. I did a Covid test earlier also.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if developed AAS mediated dilated cardiomyopathy and cardiac function has deteriorated to the point wherein you’re constantly out of breath you won’t even be able to run this.

Do you find the shortness of breath is worse when lying down?

I asked the same haha

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If its going to be chronic and so far it seems really serious, whatever i have to do by the doctors will probably be what I do. If that means no test then so be it.

Will my echocardiogram show all of what you’ve written? I think from what I’ve read so far, that is the critical report I need now. My doctor said he doesn’t think its a pulmonary embolism since I don’t have chest pain or have had blood clots develop from sitting for long periods. Could I have clots develop by pinning AAS? I haven’t told him about the AAS yet since some have gotten funny on me before and then the stigma comes.

I hope this report is done by the cardiologist today. I have about 10 hours until close of business so im waiting anxiously.

For the record, I also think pulmonary embolism was a stretch. Normally people having PE suffer way worse and way faster than you do. Often people aren’t alive after the first hours. But it’s good you got that “off your chest”.

Also, unreals suggestion of cardiomyopathy or even the dilated stadium are a possibility. I hope it’s not the case. Your ECG would detect this. I know someone who didn’t use AAS but developed dilated cardiomyopathy acutely after years of stressful work, so it can be quite quick.

I would drop down to TRT dose (around 130 mg maybe or less, just a suggestion, you don’t want to be at the top of the range in case your heart muscle already changed or changes) until this gets sorted.

Was this takotsubo cardiomyopathy by chance?

Its been 10 days since last pin now and I am going for a vasectomy in exactly a week so I was thinking waiting 21 days since last pin, which is a week after the vasectomy, to pin 175mg/wk again.

I don’t think I’d bomb 180nmol too bad in 21 days.

No I don’t think so. It was over 10 years ago, so not easy to remember. Broken heart syndrome often recovers relatively fast, but he didn’t recover for years. It got a bit better but very slowly.

I think it was ADCM.

I will consult with the doctor tomorrow, but apparently there isn’t anything out of ordinary on my echocardiagram.

The last thing that might make some sense is that I’ve been having alot of Viagra recently too. I was having 50mg whilst coming off duloxetine but then I increased that to 100mg a night 3-4 nights per week. I am wondering if that would provide these side effects. Im still out of breath when doing anything. Unloading the dishwasher, even talking on the phone. I do notice its harder when I’m lying down now I’ve thought about it more. I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow to look over the results.

Did you get your Covid results? Your symptoms line up better with that than other things you could have.