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I have been thinking about getting breast augmentation. My breasts, which were a medium C have been disappearing because of low bodyfat. The guys that I have been brave enough to talk to have said they like the way they look , but not the way they feel. I don’t plan on getting anything huge that might get in the way of my lifestyle (sorry) just a med to large “C”. Any feedback from T men or Vixens who have had experience with implants would be welcome. Also, anybody know if strength is affected-under the muscle is supossed to be best for low bodyfat.

i love breasts-go for the D

I was really weak before AND after I got mine!

With very low bodyfat a very round full (ideal) breast shape is easily spotted as fake. If that doesn’t bother you go for it. Having had plastic sugery a couple of times I obviously believe in it.

Yeah go for the D. I saw some statistic that most women that get implants say that they didn’t go big enought and go back for bigger ones. So unless your really a really petite girl…go for the d. But I really think, don’t get them at all. What size you sporting princess? Heheh. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I speak for the majority of guys or not, but this my opinion. I don’t mind fake breasts on porn stars or chicks in stroke mags. I look at them for purely the visual appeal anyway. But if it is a woman that I am dating or serious about, I want real breast, no matter how small they are. There is something really attractive about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin–probably women would say the same about men. Even if the augmentation looked and felt totally natural, it would still bother me. This is just me personally.

Nkeago, where did you see that statistic? I wanted to show it to my girl. She wants to ge tthe surgery also. She probably wouldn’t believe me unless I had proof.

To me, nothing is more attractive than a self confident, athletic woman. Usually implants look rediculous on a woman with relatively low body fat, and to me, thay are a turn off. I know a number of athletic women whose breasts are no larger than a B cup, and I think these women are much more attractive than the bimbos with fake D’s. Please think over this decision long and hard before you make it, and remember, perhaps most importantly: Are you doing this for YOU? or for what someone else says you should look like?

I totally agree with Hyok! And would like to add that a warm, soft,
genuine smile beats a hard, cold, false pair of boobs any day in my
book!!! Please, keep it real, girls!

Don’t do it. Your breasts sound perfect already. I don’t like big breasts. But I’m also not much of a breast guy, but I prefer B-C cup size. I think that looks right on a woman. I’d date an A-cup too, and yes, I have dated and/or had sex with large-breasted women. I still like medium-to-small-sized breasts. So leave them as they are! Besides, implants just don’t feel or look right.

ANON…You’ve got a C…that is probably perfect for your body. Unless you have had a breast removed becasue of cancer or you don’t even wear a bra cause they are so small…Don’t get fake tits…No matter how hard I try I can never get the thought out of my head that your tits are fake. I won’t give you credit for the great legs and arms you have so diligently worked on for years or your great ass that took sacrafice and hard work all I will see is a dumb bitch with fake tits. It is an almost insurmountable first impression you will be making on people. Do you want people to look at you and say “GREAT RACK”? Or do you want people to see that you work hard on your body and take pride in being healthy. I guess it just comes down to, do you want attention more than respect?

If you have a job where looking professional is key, then you shouldn’t get them huge, since clothes won’t fit you that good. Also, keep in mind that as your bf changes, your breast size will change some too. If you are lean for like two months a year, it may not be worth it, but if you always cut, then that’s different. I got mine since I was in an accident, and still having boobs when I’m lean also encouraged me to get them. My bra size is actually the same now being buff with implants, as it was before I started weight training. Personally, I don’t think one can look that fit with huge boobs, like Tylene Buck, she would look dumb even with like 2% bodyfat.

Just to give you some feedback, I cast my vote for real breasts.

don’t do it. your breasts are getting smaller because your bf is going down. i was large for years, and they’re shrinking because i’m losing weight. i’d rather wear a smaller bra because it goes with my smaller body. and as for ‘how they feel’ i cna’t imagine implants feel all that great either. (no, i’ve never touched any) there are a few women in my gym with implants and it’s really obvious. very very few women have large breasts and low bodyfat. did you see G.I. Jane? demi more’s implants looked rediculous because she was so muscular they looked like grapefruits stuck in her bra. (ok, i’m gonna get flack from the guys, but it’s true!) stick to your natural body, i think most guys prefer that…even if they don’t admit it!

It wasn’t actually a statistic it was on some talk show and that’s what this surgeon said.

Now as for the girl getting implants. I have to again say no. I could’t imagine something getting inserted into me. Hmmmmmm that sounded really suggestive. Plus low body fat and mega boobs usually looks stupid. Usually. Heheh. :slight_smile:

Well, since someone mentioned Tylene Buck here, I guess I’ll add my two cents’ worth. Tylene and all the other Ironman Video models look spectacular in the mags, and more-or-less spectacular in the vids. (Apparently, it’s harder to maintain the image for more than one frame at a time.) But when they open their mouths - BOOM! - there goes the fantasy. Now, granted, these women aren’t paid to be intelligent or even engaging, they’re paid to look good. But I still can’t help but think there’s a connection between being surgically enhanced (as most of them are) and being a bimbo (as most of them are). For my money, and I’ve seen every one of those Ironman vidoes, the most attractive two models were Tina Jo Bagne and that blonde chick in the first two vids whose name escapes me right at the moment. Why? Because they were (a) natural and (b) honest and sounded intelligent and fun. Tina Jo in particular defines the word “hot”. (Oh God, please let her read this…) Tylene Buck? Nope. She looks fake and has an attitude the size of Montana. The latina/asian chick? Nope. Great looking; stuck on herself like tar on flypaper. I think the advice given above was good: really ask yourself WHY you’re doing it before you make a decision.

I’m a major sucker for boobies but I still say that size doesn’t matter. If a girl doesn’t have much, but doesn’t seem to care, it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have much. Like everyone’s saying, it also wouldn’t look right. If a girl’s got a big curvy body she should have big’uns, but if she’s got a lighter build, it would just ‘look right’ to have smaller or more normal sized ones.

Stay natural - self-confidence is more beautiful than breasts.

You asked the question of how the over- vs. under-the-muscle implants affect strength – I’ve heard that the under type can have a negative affect on strength, but they give a more natural look. My opinion on implants: The ladies I’ve KNOWN who have had implants have had very positive results, and their self confidence has risen as well. THAT is definitely sexy. They didn’t get huge implants (they were very small to begin with), and they look natural. The comments about the women who’ve had implants wishing they’d gone bigger – most often there’s a skin stretching issue, and they can only go up so much at each operation. You can go bigger later, after the skin has adjusted. As for feel, well, I can’t vouch for any of that. You’re looking to get back to the size you were before you lost bf? Are you going to stay low BF? You should talk with your doc about affects if your bf% goes up again. If it will help you feel good about yourself, and it’s not taking food out of your kids mouths, then I say go for it.

This is really fucked up. If someone were to ask me when did I really feel that I was mature I would have to say the moment that I posted about tittie on the T-Mag forum. I can’t believe I’m saying this but stay natural. I’ve felt real big ones, real fake ones, and fakes of all sizes. I would have to say that the real ones always win out. If you are lean and have the fake ones we will see the ripples on the sides and we will laugh. Big boobs are irrelevant if you are lean and muscular. I would rather seen nice lean muscular legs or a tight flat stomach or a “squatters ass” on a woman than big breasts.

In all seriousness have a girlfriend take a picture from the neck down and we can evaluate. We’re the T-Mag family, we’re here to help.