Breast Tissue As You Lose Fat

Hey ladies,

I have searched the internet about this topic without any luck and it seem like it’s not a topic that’s talked about a lot. I know that with the rigorous training an dieting it takes to become a figure athlete/ competitor you will lose body fat as well as the fat in your breast. I’m a 36DD and I’ve noticed that most figure/natural body builders either have very small breast already or implants. How will I be able to combat the saggy boobies so so speak?

I think the saggy issue is genetics.

Well how lean are you now with a 36DD? I think sagging is mainly caused by age/gravity. If you don’t have a whole bunch of fat left to lose, you may not even have to worry about excessive sagging. If you’re pretty young still, your skin is going to be fairly elastic. This may have no basis in science, but I swear by cocoa butter. I make sure to slather a ton on right when I get out of the shower and I think it has made my skin more supple/helped with stretch marks. Realistically though, your ta tas are not going to be up under your chin poking people’s eyes out no matter how much body fat you have unless they are fake. I think a bit of sag/weight to a breast can be sexy.

It helps to work the muscles underlying the breast tissue. Gives some firmness. But let’s be honest. Breast tissue is adipose (fat). Breasts will only be perky for so long. And super lean women don’t tend to be really busty unless they’re artificially enhanced.

There are things called Cooper’s ligaments within the breast. Once these are stretched, there’s no way to tighten them up again, unfortunately - so the best thing is to be well supported if you’re on the large side.
You most likely will lose some breast size as you lose fat, but I don’t view that as a bad thing, personally.