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Breast Support


What is the preferred breast support amongst female athletes? Sports bra?

I've never had boobs and almost never worn bras, still I've always imagined them being uncomfortable. Are sport bras more comfortable than regular ones?



My hands.


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What the fuck!? What does cats and crabs have to do with the subject?

Is it that hard to answer a simple question ladies?!




Apparently. Either that, or they think you're being a smart-ass, sexist prick and they're busting your balls....

Probably the latter.



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no bra>sports bra>bra without underwire>bra with underwire>corset..keep this in mind when you get gyno.


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I cant remember a thread that brought the LULZ this hard and this fast!

Bravo ladies :slight_smile:


In all seriousness-

There's online groups, Breasticles Anonymous, Mammaries International, and a whole section of self help books at Barnes & Noble.

But what they really hafta do is stop hanging around. Perk up, pucker up, and face life head on. that's the only way to do it. cant go hangin around all the time, lumpy and sweaty with no focus and 2 different directions.

or there's always suspenders.


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