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Breast Implants

What are people’s opinions on women who get implants? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to decide on a plastic surgeon?

I’m all about natural breasts, and I really don’t care for big breasts. But as I’ve said before, I’m not a breast guy. So I’m happy with a girl who is A-C in size and not bigger. I don’t think implants look or feel natural. The only time I would be for them is if someone had a masectomy and really wanted to get them to feel “normal” again. One of the best surgeon’s for any kind of reconstructive surgery would be Dr. Bruce Nadler in NY.

Howard Stern sends women to Dr. Sal Calabro. I guess it’s $5000. Implants, natural…they’re all great.

Is Dr. Nadler a plastic surgeon?

IMHO, the key thing about breast implants is to not go too big – usually girls who go up only one size look the best from an aesthetic perspective, meaning the most natural. As for the whole tactile experience, I think it’s also best when the implants only push a woman up one cup size. Implants are definitely an effective way for a woman to increase her personal power (that personal power that always attaches to attractive women – TC gave a far more detailed description of how important it is for a woman to be attractive in one of his previous Atomic Dog columns). However, it is a surgical procedure, so it is necessary to weigh the benefits with the risks any such procedure entails.

Yes, Dr. Nadler is a plasic surgeon. He is well-known especially among the bodybuilding community for getting rid of gyno, and putting in implants for bodybuilders as well as ab etching. I believe he does all types of plastic surgery including breasts and noses.

As with everything, opinions vary. I’m not a breast man and prefer a more “athletic” look on a woman, which means no bigger than a C cup. However, my ex had them and it is a very serious procedure. It was an extremely painful operation, they need to be replaced about every five years, there are unresolved questions regarding their safety and a myriad of other possible side effects. Finally, they won’t resolve any underlying self esteem issues that aren’t directly related to breast size. Many will still have self-esteem issues, like my ex, because breast size was just symptometic of low self-esteem. In the end you need to weigh the risks and benefits and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

I definetly like natural breasts better. I find that I’m kind of the opposite of most guys in that I like breats on the smaller size better than those that are huge. Don’t get me wrong a nice pair of bigger breasts don’t turn me off but I’d rather a woman have smaller breasts that will still be chest height in 30 years rather than sagging to the floor. Just my 2 cents.

Okay, Breasts, what a good topic, because… well, I am a breast guy. I heard somewhere that if you were breast fed, you tend to be. But that is a little too Edipus for me. But anyway. I think as long as a girl can lie down and her breast follow, ser gut. If the remain on end - then that is too fake. Personally I find a nicely shaped C Cup to be ideal. But for those girls that go under for a set of D’s that could knock out Will Smith, sorry that is too much plastic. If I could find that attractive, shit I would just go buy a plastic doll, less emotional baggage too! Don’t do it for a set of enourmous hooters, but I can see girls doing it that were not given all that much too work with intially. This is what you CAN do: Go take a picture and send us the link. We will be your panel and let ya know what we think, sounds good right :wink: Fellas?

The reason I ask about Dr. Nadler being a Plastic Surgeon is because while any physician may practice “cosmetic/plastic surgery”, not all may be Board Certified. I find this is a very important requirement, so do you happen to know if Dr. Nadler is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? If not, do you know of any Board Certified Plastic Surgeons?

T-mag did an interview with Dr. Nader a long time ago. The End of Genetic Limitations I think it was called. Do a search at T-mag. Dr. N has a website too. I think there’s a link in the article or in the Ab Etching article.

I love 'em! The bigger the better! Seriously, women who go through surgery for larger breasts do so because they care about being attractive, and I love women who care about being attractive!

I think that a girl’s boobs should match her body. If she’s got a lighter frame (ie skinny), she’d look better if she’s got smaller boobs. If she’s got a build like Christy Canyon, Linsey Dawn McKenzie or Chloe Vevrier, she’d probably look better with boobs like theirs. Who ever heard of a big curvy flat-chested girl?!

Okay, I’ll throw my two cents worth in here. I do definitely appreciate the well endowed figure. The bigger, the better (within reason). Shape is a big factor, however. The ones that look like a pair of cocoanut halves placed on an otherwise flat chest just look ridiculous to me. There has to be some overall shape there. There’s a couple different placement procedures that produce different results – over-the-muscle (which tends to produce the cocoanut effect), and under the muscle (which gives a more natural look). There’s been some discussion of the implants “wandering” in the body, but I think that has more to do with the specific surgeon than the type of procedure used. What are my opinions of the women who get implants? It really doesn’t have any effect on me. Those that get implants for self esteem issues and still have those issues after really don’t impress me, since the self esteem issues will effect me more than the implants. The implants can help provide a nice package, looks wise, but it doesn’t have any real effect on the person. As for selecting the surgeon, talk with the ladies who have had implants about their results.

Yes…any “hack”, and even other medical specialties (like Obstetrics)can do “cosmetic surgery”. ONLY contact one certified by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (www.plasticsurgery.org). These surgeons undergo RIGOROUS certification, the most important of which (in my mind) is that they must submit before and afters, of a CERTAIN NUMBER of procedures, their complications and the time it took them to perform each procedure. This is in addition to a written and oral exam, recommendations, etc. If Nadler is certified, you will find him on their Surgeon Search Engine. These certified Surgeons are not only throughout the U.S., but are also worldwide. You should have no problem finding one.

Implants come in a myriad of sizes. We often think of them as huge clay watermelons stuck on a backboard, because that’s what we see most often. The procedures and available sizes now allow for very natural contures. As any Plastic Surgeon will tell you: people should be able to look at you and say “you look great” or “refreshed” or “like a new you”, NOT “geez…they must have had Plastic Surgery!”

(P.S.I sort of have the “Nate Dogg/ALS Ladies” taste; smaller, full breast). Hope this helps! Mufasa!!!

Checkout implantinfo.com this should answer your questions.

Ok. I’m a female - and although my athletic frame doesn’t allow 4 bigger than 36B - I think that women should get breast implants if it would make them feel better about themselves.
My mom has them and its the best investment she’s ever made (after having me that is:)

By the way, there are many techniques 2day-- shapes (pear, round); from belly button or arm pit (no scars watsoever); and salien implants (spelling??) rather than silicon, which feel more natural…

Nothing wrong with imrpoving ur figure… ISN’T THAT WHAT WORKING OUT IS ALL ABOUT ANYWAYS (only this costs a lot more and provides more immediate results [lol])

Drax, I see u also visit the Scoreland website as I do. Good man! Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Chloe look pretty hot in the “score line up” pictorial.

I love 'em. trouble is, women that have implants usually will find some other insecurity to alter after the new found attention gets old.

Fuck the implants. Sure they will improve your looks slightly. But THAT difference pales in comparison with having a very warm, sensual and friendly personality. Flirting alot more will defrost your fridged personallity enough so that all males withing a reasonable vicinity will overlook your physical imperfections (yes I’m aware that perfection is just a concept). Remember - Big tits will give us a bleeding hard-on, But a warm smile with the right words will make us cream.