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Breast Implants, Under or Over the Muscle?

I was hoping any of you that compete in figure, bikini, or physique that have implants could tell me if you had them placed under the muscle or not and why. I have been doing some research on the best placement for an active individual who is going to compete in figure and want the best look without complications later. Thanks so much!

This is a great question lcatta, and it really depends on your body. A good surgeon should be able to tell you which would look the best and most natural. I didn’t have a choice. I had to get them under the muscle because there wasn’t enough breast tissue on my body to begin with, and my doctor said that getting them over the muscle would look very fake (like round headlights). There were no complications for me, but healing took a lot longer than it would’ve had I gotten them over the muscle. Hope this helps!

I don’t have them but I have also done a lot of research on the subject. As Dani mentioned, the healing time is longer if you go under the muscle but if that’s the way that works best for your body type then you shouldn’t worry about a bit of extra healing time. I have friends who are competitors that decided to go under the muscle and they tell me it interferes with their training also because of the way the muscles are developed around their chest it often looks like they are “out of place” or too far apart.

I compete in figure and from asking around for literally years I have been told by almost every other competitor to go over the muscle. However, it won’t look as natural as Dani also just mentioned but how many competitors with implants are getting them for a natural look?

Definitely go and have consultations with more than one surgeon in your area and get their opinions in regard to shape, size and placing.

I have mine under the muscle and they have worked out fine. I am doing figure and bikini and I am not show much separation which is good. I was told by my doctor to do under the muscle so when I have mammograms the tissue can be seen easier to detect any abnormalities.

Are breast implants required for figure? I’ve wondered for a while because it seems the vast majority of figure athletes have them.

[quote]PJS2010 wrote:
Are breast implants required for figure? I’ve wondered for a while because it seems the vast majority of figure athletes have them.[/quote]

Not at all. There are a lot of women (pro competitors too) who compete in figure without them. And if you (or whoever you’re asking for) wants to add more curve up top, then when she’s getting her posing suit she can opt for one with inserts which will actually add quite a bit of shape.

Having a small chest shouldn’t stand in the way of competing.

I recently had consultation myself and have been told over the muscle. If the cut is done correctly and deep eough into the breast pocket they will still look natural, as long as you are not wanting to have over large implants.

Also, one surgeon refused to go under the muscle, as it can later cause problems to your shoulder joints, and dislikes cutting into muscle. Argument was that breasts are just fatty tissue and that is not underneath the muscle. However, I also know of friends who have gone under the muscle and are happy with their results, so it is what you feel happy with, and finding a good surgeon that you trust to do the right thing for you personally.

What are the average costs for an augmentation? Many women here in Canada go to the US to get them done. Just curious.

[quote]FItness Girl wrote:
What are the average costs for an augmentation? Many women here in Canada go to the US to get them done. Just curious.[/quote]

I know women in the US go to south america to have them done. Prices depend on the surgeon I think.

BTW, I fully support this thread. :slight_smile:

[quote]FItness Girl wrote:
What are the average costs for an augmentation? Many women here in Canada go to the US to get them done. Just curious.[/quote]

In the US, expect to pay around 6K. Tomorrow’s T Nation article is about breast implants for females who lift. It’ll contain more info.

Great article today Dani! You answered all my questions!

Excellent! So glad it helped, Fitness Girl. If anyone else comes across this thread, here it is:
<a href="http://www.t-nation.com/training/breast-implants-for-girls-who-lift"target=“new”>Breast Implants for Girls Who Lift

Ms. Shugart,
Your article was well written, concise, and especially poignant, since you detailed your own experience with the surgery. I have already copied and passed it on to a friend who is currently considering the procedure. I had a student who underwent went the surgery several years ago (dont know whether it was upper or lower) and it took her about 3 months to recover enough to resume her martial arts training.

As far as the comment by Science on the home page: What if there was a safe procedure for enlarging a man’s penis? Having the body of a Greek God and a 3 inch erection would made any man feel like shit and , I dont care how much “no body is perfect crap” you listen to, that condition would always be embarrassing. 5 to 7 thousand to feel good about yourself? easy choice. I think , I smell a little bit of double standard, sexism in his comment.

Thank you idaho! Your comment means the world to me. His perspective was interesting, wasn’t it?

You’re spot on about the double standard. I got some criticism from women who said that breast implants cause “false confidence” because those who get cosmetic surgery aren’t embracing their natural appearance. Yet these same women wear makeup. Would that not also cause “false confidence”?

But the criticism doesn’t bother me because I used to be averse to the idea of it too.

No biggie… in a couple years they’ll probably book a consultation with a surgeon, and reread my article for guidance. :wink:

I have been researching breast implants as well. I am seriously NA-cup and always have been. I am now seriously considering implants but I am concerned about lifting chest. I am a figure competitor and I have heard that working the chest muscles hard core could cause issues with your implants… as in, the contractions of the muscles will cause issues with the implant, especially if under the muscles implants… ???

HLWOwen, my surgeon told me to weight train as hard and heavy as I want, and mine are under the muscle. It’s been almost two years and I’ve been training chest hard and heavy and have not had any issues. This article contains more info: <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/training/breast-implants-for-girls-who-lift"target=“new”>Breast Implants for Girls Who Lift

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Dani, this is an amazing article! You’ve answered a lot of questions here that many women have, great work!!