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Breast Feeding in Public


Yes or No?


I'll start. No. To me it seems like an attention whore thing to do and indicates lack of planning and forethought. As much as I like tits, breastfeeding is one of those intimate things that belongs in a private space.

Makavali - Starting shit storms worldwide since the 80's.


Yes i find it less annoying than a screaming baby. Or at least she could use a pump to avoid the need to do it in public.


If my kid's hungry, he's gonna get fed. I don't give a fuck where she's at.

That's kinda like getting between a mama bear and her cubs, bro. You can try if you want to...

What would you do if it were YOUR kid crying and he didn't have a bottle but his mom had a tit full of milk? What would you do if your wife were feeding YOUR child and someone asked you to stop... I have a feeling it would probably end badly for the person asking...


I'd have to go with angry chicken... I mean, true, as said, it shows lack of forethought and planning (a plague in this world, yo), and if they've got a bottle and stuff even better, but if it's gotta be done, it's gotta be done.


People (including children) are not automatons - they can't be timed perfectly. Breast feeding is a normal and healthy function of the human body and is a kind and caring act that helps with bonding with your child - it's nothing to get excited about.



5 months ago I would have agreed with Makavali however I now have a 4 month old that won't take a bottle from mom, he will from me but I'm not always around. When she goes out sometimes he gets fussy and has to be fed so she has no choice.

He eats every 2hours and it's pretty hard to feed him before she leaves load everything he needs into the car drive 20min to anywhere and be home again in 2 hours, sounds simple for those who don't have kids can't understand but once you have them you'll find you need to add at least twice the time to do anything. Most women, mine included use some kind of cloth to hide the boob when feeding so it's not as big of deal.


I say no. It makes me hungry.


is it bad if i do get a bit excited about it?


If the tittie is good.


Its just a baby eating, if you feel offended go away or dont look at it. Simple/


Perfectly natural act that harms no one, except people with an overly developed sense of 'decency'. Get with the times, its just tits and a baby.


Masturbating is also a natural act that harms no one, but for some strange reason people look at me funny when I whip my cock in cafes.


It would be OK if every mother who does it without some kind of cover wasn't the type to be super proud of having a kid.

Congratulations on making offspring, something a dog can do.


No big deal.

If you're offended by it, don't look.


It's not hard to nurse a baby discretely, and as stated if it offends you, don't look.
LOL@ lack of planning, most mother's leave the house with enough supplies to last 2 days! The variable is a tiny screaming child, who may or may not take a bottle. Nevermind that sucking on plastic is not something I ever wanted for my kid.

Women have boobs for one biological reason: to nurse babies. I know that is hard for some of you to comprehend.


How does this indicate lack of planning? She has the food right there in it's natural container. What could be better for a child?

Your just mad because it changes how you view tits.

No big deal.





Reminds me of a conversation I once had with a married couple of friends. She was pregnant. I asked if she intended to breastfeed. She replied, "No. I'm not a cow. Besides, they belong to my husband."



You're wrong, someone usually has to clean up after. And I think most people would assume you wouldn't be the one to do it.

Plus, what if you can't keep that shit down, and it hits some poor bastard in the hand or something. It never rubs off.


Absolutely. I breast fed both of my daughters in public. I got very good at it. I could do it discretely while I mowed the lawn:) If you have a baby and he/she is crying and the way to get it to stop is put your tit in his or her mouth, that's what you do. It's just a fact of life. It tends to be more of an issue in N. America.

People who don't like it, can learn to govern their eyes. Having said that, I never had anyone say anything to me or suggest I do it somewhere else. Maybe it's the look mothers get after listening to crying babies for hours on end like they might stab you if you talk to them.

I only wish I had such an easy way to keep the kids from bitching now that they're older.