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Breakup via e-mail yeah or nah

OK This girl has been nothing but disrespectful. She forced the breakup conversation on the phone then followed it up with an I wanna talk e-mail. I want to respond with “This is not working for me. Goodbye, then my name.” Simple conscise to the point. What do you all think flame away. It is not due to weakness it is lack of caring after the shit she has put me through.

If she forced the breakup on the phone, then you were broken up at that point. Don’t worry about any emails after the fact. If she wanted to talk after that, she could have called herself. Responding with an email was appropriate. Good job.

She started the break-up conversation over the phone, so I don’t see it as rude to kill it via email, if your reason is truly that you just don’t want to take the time for explanations. Also, since I’m assuming this is the same girl you mentioned in your previous post, she really doesn’t deserve more than an email. She’s a dishonest (to herself and others), weak person and doesn’t deserve more than a simple email explaining the state of affairs.

So, if you REALLY don’t give a shit, why respond at all?

The horse is dead, quit beating it. Move on, slam the door shut.

I have to agree with the others here. This girl has handled this very badly, she was rude and immature. Adults deal with people’s feeling face to face, no matter how uncomfortable. As for e-mail, jeez what the heck is that all about, after all the breakup was done on the phone, what’s to e-mail about? Anyway if it makes you feel better to cut things off with an e-mail response, then do it and move on, you deserve better than that. Girls like that really drive me nuts, they give men the impression that we are all like that. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of that type. Good luck!

Yea…fuck her. Your done. Ignore any other attempts from her to contact you. She just wants to inflate her ego by seeing how bad she has deflated yours. That is why she wants to “talk”. Just go and have a happy thanks giving. Take lots of naps, go to the gym. Now you can enjoy yourself.

Pat, I hope you meant, “Fuck her best friend”. Why would he wand to fuck her?

Dude, if this is the same chick from your other post – the one with the male friend you weren’t allowed to meet – don’t even worry about it. At the best, it seems she was trying to put a mind-fuck on you, and at the worst she was cheating (or contemplating keeping that door open). Don’t even return her contact – no calls, no emails, no nothing. Just drop her like a bad habit.

Wow alot of relationship trouble lately, just as I went and found myself another one. Seems everyones with you one this one. Maybe just write an email with a simple “whatever” and nothing else. Its simple,imature, and she deserves it.

Update to all I dumped her on the phone. She called me up and actually asked “what is wrong?” So I told her. That is it fini. Good decision. Had a new date the following day. I love being me.