Breakthrough Discovery: Lifting Builds Muscle

“Resistance exercise is a great way to increase lean muscle tissue and strength capacity so that people can function more readily in daily life,”

Thank god those university eggheads cleared that one up! Who would’ve thought? lol

I don’t believe you

can you go into more depth on this one? i mean, you provide no details.

But is it functional?


Vids or it didnt happen

Whats resistance exercise? Is it exercise that I have to stay away from?

Are these the same scientists who discovered that people allergic to fur are less likely to have cats as pets?

Well thank goodness I started my P90X program!


I’m still baffled as to how a mirror works.

What if my protein isn’t magnetically filtered? What if it is? I don’t know how to think for myself damnit!


This article must be an April Fool’s joke