Breaks From Corticosteroids?

The other day my prescription for NasacortAQ (triamcinolone acetonide) ran out and I didn’t realize it. So today I’m left without a dose and man, I feel like SHIT. Like someone stuffed 10 lbs of cotton into my sinus cavity.

Anyways it got me thinking, is there any reason to purposely take a break from using nasal corticosteroids? Because I have been taking it since last summer non stop, even through the winter, simply because where I live it is dusty and moldy no matter what.

I know that cortisol is catabolic, but I’m assuming that because this is a nasally administered allergy spray, it’s gonna leave my adrenals alone.

So, can anyone comment on long term use of nasal corticosteroids?


Why are you taking them? How long have you been taking them and what is a dose for you? I know this is typically prescribed for arthritis conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties; I’m just asking because I am unaware if they are used for off-label treatments for other ailments or conditions

My father takes corticosteroids nasally also. He has for years as a result of a brain tumor that was removed 25 years ago.

Pretty sure they still do affect adrenals regardless of how you take them.

If you’ve been taking them a while, I know it’s a really bad idea to stop taking them cold turkey like that.

Thx for the response. I probally did not explain enough.

I’m taking NasacortAQ, which I’m pretty sure is similar to all the other steroidal allergy meds out there (flonase, etc.) I’ve been taking it since last summer for allergy/sinus congestion/pressure, standard 220 mcg (4 spray) dose.

I’m curious if there is any negative effect to never coming off it. I’m assuming most people stop after the bad allergy season is over in the spring/summer, but I have been taking it non-stop since last summer. I’m worried if I am slowly disrupting my adrenal function or something. The information supplied in the booklet says it is 8 times more potent than prednisone. But I am wondering if since this is a nasal spray the effect will stay isolated in the sinus area and not affect the adrenals?

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I don’t know except I’ve been taking nasal and inhaled corticosteroids for over 10 years straight. They are mostly topical and local but of course some gets in your system. I don’t know how catabolic they are, overall to your muscle because I have never worked out without them.

You can try things to block or lowe cortisol and it probably won’t affect your nasal passages negatively. When I take AAS I don’t notice any problems with asthma or rhinitis,allergy etc. that might come from them blocking the effects of cortisol or intranasal/inhaled corticosteroids.

Thx for the info guys. My elementary understanding is that when you supplement with a exogenous hormone, you decrease your body’s own production of that hormone. Whether this is true or not with the Nasacort I am taking, I’m not sure. (It looks like it is somewhat true due to the negative feedback thing, and it may be exaggerated when taking it for 1+ years)

However I’m more worried about having higher overall catabolic hormones floating around if what I really am doing is “supplementing” with additional hormones. I guess the catch 22 is do I take a break from the 'cort and try to reestablish a “baseline” of cortical hormones, (and put up with the congestion) or do I continue for another year with the Nasacort and just try to keep stress/recovery in check. Then again the effects of the med may be negligible, and I could just be overanalyzing :slight_smile: