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Breaking The Wall

Hello all,

I?m new to T-Nation but I have read some great articles so I decided to see if I could get some help. I have been working out on and off for a few years so I know the basics. As a kid I lived a very sedentary life style, my parents didn?t encourage much physical activity. By the time I was 22 I was about 5? 7? and almost 235lbs. A few years ago I trained EXREAMLY hard and naturally got down to about 183 in only 2 to 3months. It was great I lost just over 50 lbs in that time. The only supplement I used was zenadrene with ephedra. It was great. Any ways I got stuck at 180lbs and I just couldn?t drop any more weight. My work outs were as followed.

Jog at lunch 2 or 3 miles. Jog after work for 2 miles, and work out on my chest / shoulders. (long day)

Jog at lunch 2 or 3 miles. Jog or bike after work 2 to 3 miles. Work on arms, and abs.

Jog at lunch 2 or 3 miles. Jog after work for 2 miles and bike 5 miles. No weights.

Jog at lunch 2 or 3 miles. Jog or bike after work 2 to 3 miles. Work on arms, and abs.

Jog at lunch 2 or 3 miles. Jog after work for 2 miles, and work out on my chest / shoulders. (Second long day)

I continued this for a whole summer and saw amazing results. I ate as much as I want (a lot of rice and chicken) of healthy food. Even though I ripped through the first 50 lbs and I felt great I could not break 180lbs. I even started running each day before work.

Currently I float between 190 and 200lbs depending on if I eat health. I have gone through spurts where I work out and I have dropped back down to 180ish but still I could never break that wall. I have a large frame and I can easily put on mass, but what I am going for is a lean healthy look. Right now I am a student and I work midnights on the weekends so my sleep schedule is a bit crazy.

I know that with in a few weeks I could get down to the low 180?s, but recently as I?ve been frustrated with my ability to get the lean look I want I have even been considering taking something like clembuteral or even trying a cycle. I?m not really big on any thing un-natural but I know that through the years may failure to continue to work out has been do this road block. Has any one ever had this issue, and how long did it take to break through?

Basically the type of body type I?m looking for is in the attached photo.

That back and leg workout is killer. Do you puke after finishing?

Do you work your back? I didn’t read that you do. I’d say drop back on some of the cardio and lift more and work all of your muscle groups.

Do you take any supplements at all now? PM for some more info on some pretty basic things you can add in to help maximize those workouts. And also like bigaroo said, do some back workouts!

And you’re about to fall victim that bane of all lifters, skinny leg disease! Running is great when you’re cutting, but not the best for building up the legs. Get under the rack. Start squatting. And deadlifting! They’re great. Go check out Waterbury’s Total Body Training. It was good to me.

I don’t really see why you have much desire to get leaner than that. And I wouldn’t worry about your scale weight. You could stay 180lbs while gaining 5 lbs of muscle and losing 5 lbs of fat and still look better at the same weight.

Also, you say that you jog…I assume that means low to medium intensity leisurely jogs. In any case, why don’t you try throwing sprints into there. I generally believe that they will shed bodyfat much quicker than their slower-paced counterparts.

You seem fixated on low scale weight, when it’s BF level that you should be really interested in.

THROW the scale out. You are paying WAY to much attention to it. It is not a great measure the looks and way yuor clothes fit as well as gym /training performance is a much betterjudge.

I also agree on the legs, you need to squat, and dl, or what ever, just drop some of the running if it is your goal to add mass, running long distance is not going to be productive toward that goal.

Hope that Helps,

Wow thanks all what a great response I know I joined the site for a reason,

To answer some questions, MY LEGS ARE INSAINLY HUGE! I don?t know why but I carry TONS of muscle mass on my legs. I feel like the Hulk sometimes because my pants don?t fit right. I do a mix of sprints and distance for my cardio. At first I was running only distance, and then I read an article in men?s health touting the advantages of wind sprints so I started sprinting.

The work out I was describing was what I was doing a few years ago when I lost the 53 lbs. I told my self that as a present to my self for turning 27 I was going to start working out again. This is what schedule I was thinking. It was lacking back work, and I found that I had a lot of discomfort because of it. When I get started working out again I will surly include back work.

This is what I was thinking for a new work our schedule:

Chest and shoulders ? Run 2 miles and 20 min on the stair climber
(long day)

Biceps - Run 2 miles, bike 5 miles and 20 min on the stair master climber
(Short day)

Back - Run 2 miles, bike 5 miles OR 20 min on the stair climber

Triceps - Run 2 miles, bike 5 miles and 20 min on the stair master climber
(Short day)

Chest and shoulders ? Run 2 miles, bike 5 miles OR 20 min on the stair climber
(long day)

Saturday and Sunday off

I have been told I?m very lucky about my legs. Wish I could share the fortune = ) When I was a junior in high school I was super sledding (just what we called it not sure of the real name) almost 1500lbs. To bad the rest of me can?t be that way.

Any ways my real goal is to get lean like I stated. Any one have any advice on how to get through that block? Any supplements that you guys know of? I?ve been pretty much all natural the whole time I?ve worked out, and after ephedra when off the shelves I?ve only used protein (and not even all the time) . So I?m looking for something that will boost my fat reduction.

Thanks again

Let me suggest working back twice a week since you are working chest twice. You want to balance these two out.

Would you say that it would be ok to work back on the same days a chest?

[quote]sma92878 wrote:
Would you say that it would be ok to work back on the same days a chest?[/quote]

Yes. That is fine. You may want to split these up after a couple months or so. It is good to switch things up every so often.

[quote]sma92878 wrote:

Unlikely. Care to post measurements or pics?

Your program is pretty awful. You seem too fixated on the mirror muscles. Train what you can’t see. Make back & legs a priority.

I strongly recommend you try one of the programs listed here. I’ve done well with EDT, some of Chad Waterbury’s stuff & have just started Westside for Skinny Bastards and am loving it.


Yes when I get some time I will post pictures of my legs. They are plenty big enough, I don’t want to have a HUGE bulking body. I would like to be lean and happy with my self. Although some may want bigger legs than mine, my legs are one thing I am perfectly happy with and I always have been (I would like them just a tad more defined) but no bigger.

I’m just wait for the Prof to get here…

lol, wow guys. I didn’t make the leg statement to start a “mine is bigger than yours” contest. I’m just happy with how they are.

Any ways for those of you who want to know. I’m about 5’ 7" and I measured around my calvs and thighs here are the results.

Calvs = 16.5 inches around
Quads = 22.5 inches around

this is with not working out of my legs for almost 10 years. For my body frame and heights I’m perfectly happy with them. I really don’t want them to be any bigger than they all ready are, there for I’m not doing any muscle building leg exercises. What I really want is a fat burning workout that helps me loose body fat and increase chest and shoulder size.

Per some of your advice I got ride of my old scale and got a new one that measures body fat. Also I got some BF calipers. I know that neither one be dead nuts accurate but it will give me a way to gauge my progress at least.

Also does any one know a place where you can make a web log to track your progress? Kind of like a community site / support place?

22.5" thighs are considered huge these days? I must have monstrous legs, at a whopping 26.5". Maybe I should go pro.

Ok like I said. I’m happy with the size of my legs. I’m not trying to get bigger I’m trying to be lean. What I want out of my workout program is to be happy with my self. I’m happy with the way my legs are. I know that I will achive toning on my legs through running, biking, and the stair climber. I don’t understand wy this is such an issue? I’m happy with them and that’s all that matters…

22" legs are about average,
maybe they just seem big compared to your upper body