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Breaking the Fat Loss Plateau


i have managed to drop 18 and a quarter pounds in 20 weeks ;with definite increase in strength.....but now i feel the rate has slowed down verymuch, to like a pound in 3, maybe 4 weeks.............
i've done plenty of things in these 20 weeks, 5 lifting sessions a week being the constant, with 3 weeks in between when i did daily fasted cardio; been doing 1 cardio session per week lately........also used oxy elite pro for 4 weeks in between!!

should i raise my calories to maintenance and keep lifting x5/week with one sprint session /week for a while or should i change my workouts to 3xweek whole body with 3xcardio/week further reducing calories??

i'm currently 203 lbs maybe 20%bf at 5'8"............at around 2200 cals/day; 2500/ tues and sat
aiming to hit 180 lbs by year end (though there isnt a deadline,its just beach season in india )


Have you tried doing a refeed/carb-up meal to “re-fire” your metabolism. Usually when my progress slows like that, the cardio is either upped, or I do a 1 meal re-feed and then get back on the diet.

In your case at your bodyfat, I would recommend bumping it to 3-4 cardio sessions a week. 1 a week doesn’t really do a ton - figure at a jog you maybe burn a couple hundred calories in half an hour. You can make that up with 12 oz of Orange Juice. 1lb fat = 3500 Calories I believe. I’d keep your intake the same and try upping the cardio if a refeed doesn’t work.

Just a couple thoughts.


Also, I didn’t catch your last couple sentences there about your Caloric intake. Why are you doing 2200 Calories 5 days and 2500 Calories for 2 days?


obviously you need to either reduce calories in or increase calories out.

how are your macros?


Why don’t you try taking the advice in pretty much the exact same thread you made a week ago.


yes rampant, thanks !! i just realized


Keep doing daily fasted morning cardio and bump up the time when fat loss stalls… starting with 30 mins a day, 35 next week, 40, 45… start taking away some carbs from each meal, maybe just from your off days to start… lots of ways to do it, but if fat loss has stalled you either have to eat less, work more, or a combination of the two. It’s all about progression.