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breaking ranks

Actually, BB, Bill O’Reilly is still a registered Republican. He hasn’t changed it to “Independent,” but he tells people otherwise.

And according to where you can find his opinions on the general political spectrum, he is a conservative. He just keeps harping that he’s an independent so he can better control the perception of those he’s talking about or to.


I completely believe you that he is a Republican. I just said he wasn’t a conservative or a libertarian. His beliefs are not generally consistent, and he is more of a blowhard than anything.

big martin,

No problem. I wasn't really offended, just curious. I like Glenn Beck because he doesn't fall into the "Republicans good, Demoncats bad" mantra that many conservatives in the media follow. Shawn Hannity is an example of this and I actually like him.

Yes, while I do admit to being an O'Reilly fan I can also admit his ego is rather large.

Dustin (still hoping Kerry doesn't get the nomination)

Dustin…see thats why i origianlly started listening to Beck is because every one told me how moderate and in the middle he is…then i listend to him for about the last 6 months and i was amazed how partisian he is…he will go out of his way to defend bush…now i dont hate bush i think he is ok…but for some one who claims to be non-partisan glen beck spends hours defending everything bush does…he even spent 30 minutes one day defending the whole mars fiasco and bush’s imigration policy…i have never heard him say one bad thing about the bush…if you listen to hannity he gets after bush hard core…hannity is a man of beleif and isnt affraid to say whats on his mind…but beck just defends everything bush does…i lost a ton of respect for him when he spent about 2 days just destroying the reputation of Gen Clark…who even if you do not agree with his politics is a first class american who has given up his life for this country…his comments about him were not needed…he preety much lost me as a listener that day…as for some one who was supposed to be non-partisan he sure went out of his way to play politics with the life weley clark…big m