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breaking ranks

Maybe this won’t fly, but with all the partisan strife on this board, I’m curious what individual Democrats(pundits, journalists, politicians, etc.) Republicans like, and vice versa.

I assume most Democrats like John McCain, Colin Powell and David Brooks. Most Republicans like Joe Lieberman and Bob Kerry and Brit Hume (I imagine he’s the only one they respect on Fox). Anybody willing to speak up for their “loyal opposition”?

Sam Nunn

You forgot that other great Georgian senator, Zell Miller.

Partisan politics just plain sucks ass. Dirty smelly unwashed nasty ass. The two party system in this country has been abused by partisan bickering assholes to the point that a lot of people just don’t give a shit anymore. Part of the reason Nader got so many votes in the last election was because people are just so sick of the “us vs them” mentality of the Democrans and Republicats.

yeah…I’d go with Zell Miller as well

Im more proud of Zell Miller than I am of any politician ever. His book was great.

tme for President! Hold on…what party are you? :slight_smile:

Also i fall less along the lines of republican or democrat and more on the side of conservative and liberal. For instance, I am not in favor of all the spending that Bush has done. However, no liberal would have been as tough on terrorism as he has been and that is what is most important to me. If there is even remotely a chance that someone may harm us now or in the future, or if they are capable of helping others to hurt us, they have to go.

I figured I hear “Zell Miller” a lot. Zell Miller is a good, genuine guy, but for these 4 years, he’s been a Benedict Arnold just to send a message to his party. Anybody else on the Democratic side that Republicans like?

I’m with Goldberg on this one. The lines have been blurred so much that democrat and republican mean nothing any more. I am also very disappointed to see in this day and age people are still voting along party lines. We should be voting on these (and other) issues: Lower taxes, reduced spending, maintaining personal freedoms and national security! When we look at a candidate these are the things we should vote them in for.

I?m a republican, if you can?t tell and I really have not looked at any of the democrats due to the fact I?ll be voting for Bush in November. I think another question should be added to the poll (MINI HIJACK!!!). Are you registered to vote? If not your opinion really is just that…An opinion.

I am a democrat and i love john mcain…i really wish he would have ended up the president…i also liked ronald regan he was a good man…sean hannity is ok he has a good heart…glen beck is the biggest fag on earth and i dont know how any one likes that pussy…i like powell he is a very honest man for what he said about the war the other day that took mad balls…i am a conservative democrat and have not made up my mind who i will vote for bush or kerry…i do not really like kerry that much feel he is to far left and he stole howard deans message lol…it will be dependent on who his vp is…the only dems i would have voted for were wesley clark or liberman…big m

I like John McCain too, I think he is a decent man and would have made a much better president than the one we have.

As far as radio, Mark Levin (sp) makes me laugh and he is a conservative.

I don’t know who John Levin is. I’m not a radio guy, but as for TV pundits…

Hannity I can’t stand. Calling the Republican guy who heckled Dean “a great American”?! Oh, please. Colmes can be kind of dim at times, and a wishful apologist at other times, but is a good guy. It was uncool of Franken to trash him in his book. Franken I like as a person, but I think he gets off too easy by catching his political opposition off-guard with comic provocations and in front of an audience, substituting jokes for insight at his discretion.
The best discussions with Franken occur when his opposition can defuse his jokes and talk over the laughs, which means rarely. O’Reilly is…unbelievable. The real lie on the right is not Bush saying there were WMDs, but O’Reilly saying he’s an independent. Is he on the verge of a flop-sweat everytime he proclaims it?

I’ve noticed that Scarborough and Kasich are much more mellow and realistic as broadcasters than they were as Congressman. I used to hate them, when they were mouthing for the Contract for America, but now they seem like regular guys who have kids.

Although her books are pretty useless, I actually think Ann Coulter is funny. I have to wonder whether she’s unhinged though. Michael Moore I know is unhinged, a festering ego who tells us he cares and can show us the way (not with good filmmaking anymore though). As far as broadcast pundits, the whole scene seems pretty dim, and Bill Maher is under the impression that he’s a political genius who cuts through the BS (“Real Time” has the worst studio audience in the world, 200 years ago, you could make them burn a witch.). The Dennis Miller show seems to alternate a genuine attempt by the Everyman to understand events with non sequitors like swinging chimps. It looks like good TV so far.

Hannity is basically a bully. He shouts over people, interrupts people who are making a point etc.

There was a good political cartoon or blurb that described Alan Colmes as losing a debate ‘with a 12 year old girl’. LOL. He’s not exactly a fighter. Ever notice that his microphone seems to be quieter than Hannity’s? Maybe that is just lung power in action.

O’Reilly said he would call the president out, if there were no WMDs found by a certain date. Then he kept changing the date and pushing it back. To my knowledge he has totally backpedalled on the WMD issue. Hey, he was the one who said he would take the president to task… has he???

"'Reilly said he would call the president out, if there were no WMDs found by a certain date. Then he kept changing the date and pushing it back. To my knowledge he has totally backpedalled on the WMD issue. Hey, he was the one who said he would take the president to task… has he???

Lumpy you need to keep up to date more. O’Reilly public apologizes on his show the other day about this and called the president out on finding no WMD so far. I think you can probably find the transcript on the fox news website

I love Joe Scarborough I have to say he is my favorite conservative…he really is a great man in the middle in my opinion…hannity i dont agree with much hannity says but he is entertaining…i cant stand rush limbaugh, bill oreily or neil bortz there heartless in my opinion…i like michel moore even though i am much more moderate than him…james carville has to be my favorite political personality he is as tuff as nails…and i hate bob novack…cross fire and hardball are the best political shows on tv…big m

Oh yea i think bill maher is fucking great…that toby keith skit he did last firday was great…toby keith needs to grow up and clam down…he just keeps writing the same song over and over again…and why does he think he is so tuff i would love to fight toby keith so bad…sorry i cant stand that guy…he is a big FAKE POSER TUFF GUY…and i loved when bill maher made fun of him the other night…big m

big martin,

"glen beck is the biggest fag on earth and i dont know how any one likes that pussy..."

Care to elaborate on that statement? How is he a pussy and fag? He's one of the more fair-minded conservatives on the radio. Have you ever listened to him on the radio?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Toby Keith. His songs don't all sound the same. If your referring to his patriotic songs, I'm sure that's becuase his father served during the Korean War, if I'm not mistaken. Nothing wrong with being proud of our military. What makes Toby Keith a "fake tough guy"? Or as opposed to you, who is a "real" tough guy?

Bill Maher, on the other hand, is complete fool who thinks he's a political science teacher. For some reason the media thinks his opinion matters and are constantly giving him air-time. I'd rather go through a prostate exam than listen to Maher speak. I wish he'd go away.


Obviously, you haven't watched O'Reilly in some time. He's called the President out numerous times.

I respect O'Reilly because presents news stories that are important, as opposed to some internationalist blabber that I get from Wolf Blitzer, Dan Rather, or Peter Jennings. Bill's also done more for Americans than most of us will in 4 lifetimes. I could care less of his political affliation. He goes after both parties equally. Actually, he has more liberals on his show than I care to watch. Probably more so than conservatives.

Oh, and I like Lieberman. Too bad he's out of the race. Edwards doesn't seem to repulsive either.

Dustin (standing up for his Okie bretheren)

O’Reilly is a populist with a big ego, not a conservative or a libertarian.

dustin…I just dont like them… it was a question about people from the opposite political affiliation and wich ones you like and dont like…i put down a whole bunch of conservatives i like and a few i dont…i dont like glen beck because i dont…and i listen to him every day on radio from 2-3 pm on my long drive to work and he is a prick …toby keith i just cant stand i saw him on larry king one night and he is a jerk…and one time i watched a documentery on him on cmt and he said he was the “toughest guy in every bar he ever went in” and some one would have to be nuts to want to mess with him…he is a cocky red neck prick in my opinion…i dont care about his music its his attitude i dont like…and i am not saying i am a tuff guy but i would find it fun to be in a fist fight with toby keith ok…sorry i offended you but in a thread like this with a topic like this it would be easy to offended…big m