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Breaking In Powerlifting Belt


Hey all,

I purchased an Inzer 10 mm lever belt (http://www.inzernet.com/detail_belt.asp?PRODUCT_ID=FOREVER_LEVER_10MM) a few weeks ago, just arrived today.

I finished setting it up and I tried it on, and it seems like the distance between my hip bone and rib cage isn't large enough, so the belt edges dig into them. Is this an issue of just breaking the belt in, or something you have to deal with? This is my first powerlifting belt, so I'm not sure if this is normal or maybe a compatibility issue.

It feels okay when I'm wearing it while standing upright, but when I do a deep bodyweight squat, for example, it kills my hip bone.



Wear it higher up on your waist and ribs it will essentially be sitting on your lower lats and upper abs. Watch Sam Byrd he has the same set up you do and its the only way he can wear a belt. Looks like its literally on his upper abs just below his pecs haha looks crazy but worms great for him. I even have started doing it in the dead lift.

Baby Slayer can't think of his real name (he just had a video posted of him pulling a 900+ Deadlift dedicated to his father) takes it to a even more extreme with how high up he wears his.


Thanks Reed. I'll definitely look at some of their videos.

Do you know if they use the standard 4 inch powerlifting belt? I spoke with a representative at Inzer, who suggested I might try the tapered bodybuilding belt, but I can't say I've seen a single powerlifter wearing a tapered belt. My only other thought was to try a smaller belt, maybe 3 inches, if I can find one.


If you have a short torso, I can definitely see that being a problem. The belt will get more pliable over time, but I doubt it will become supple enough to not dig into your hips/ribcage. You can either do as Reed said, and wear it higher, or suck it up and deal with it for a while. Mine dug into my sides at first, but I don't notice it anymore - much as it doesn't hurt to have the bare bar on my back like it did when I was younger. I also recommend having as little material under/around the belt as possible. Unless you always wear a singlet, your shirt and shorts probably bunch up in the belt. Pull your shorts down below the belt and smooth your shirt out as much as possible under the belt.

As for breaking it in, wear it all the time. Sweat into it a lot. Some dudes recommend putting it in the washing machine, or rubbing it with mineral oil, or parking your car on it. Mine broke in just fine after a few weeks of constant use. Mine is made of sole leather though; wouldn't run a suede belt through the washing machine or put oil on it.


They both wear a standard 4in 10mm belt atleast I know for a fact Sam does considering he doesn't have a belt for some weird ass reason and he always has to use mine lol.


Good to know.

What are your thoughts on a tapered belt? Such as the deadlift belt over at Bob's Belts (4 inch in the back, 3 inch in the front). Would it offer the same support for more than just the deadlift? It seems like everyone recommends a 4 inch all the way around belt.


Just my opinion it doesn't offer the same support especially when squatting. Also a side note I am not 100% on which feds but, I have been told that some do not allow a tapered belt so if you do go that route make damn sure to check your federations regulations on the subject.


I've broken in all my belts as detailed below . It takes 15-20 min maybe and will get your belt supple enough to almost crack it like a whip if you wanted to and it's super simple.

Lay belt in the floor and fold in half. Step on the end loop; with your foot right on top of the belt in alignment with it. At first the belt will be very stiff. Step on it and then move the top side of the belt away or towards you, doesn't matter, step on it again. Repeat down the length of the belt. Flip the belt over. Do the same thing but just the other side of the belt. Now, when the belt starts to limber up, roll your foot back and forth until the leather softens up. keep rolling the doubled up belt loop until it's a supple as you like. Don't worry, You cannot over soften those things. This will break the belt in almost all the way. Dare I say 90% ish.