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Breaking In a New Belt?

I just got my new 13mm belt from Elitfts today. I have never owned a belt before; this is my first. I plan on wearing it in a meet 2 weeks from now (I’ve trained w/ a partner’s belt sparingly up until now).

So I just opened the package, and this thing is stiff. So stiff I can barely wrap it around my waist.

Any tips to loosen this thing up, or break it in? Should I just start curling it the other way around, and bending it, etc?

Kinda sucks, because I’m now done squatting and deadlifting heavy until the meet, so it won’t get any broken in that way. Maybe I’ll just wear it the entire time I’m at the gym tomorrow, doing speed pulls and whatever else I do.

I just started wearing mine. Took a few sessions to be able to get the “tail” of the belt through the loop.

After a month or so, the belt was molded to my shape.

Ok, so about a month.

Yeah, at first I could barely get it closed, much less through the loop. I’ve been messing around with it here now, and I’ve got it in the fourth hole (as tight as I can get it) and through the loop.

In fact, I’m wearing mine right now as I type this. I think I’m going to wear it for an hour or so and definitely my entire session at the gym tomorrow. I want to get this broken in as quickly as possible.

I got mine from Elitefts a couple of months ago, but only wear it on 90%+ attempts, and it’s still very stiff.

One thing that has helped some is to roll it tightly one night, and then roll it in the opposite direction the next night. Ultimately I think it’s just going to take a lot of use to break it in.