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Breaking Down Food for Energy

Coach Thibs has confused me in his Nutrition and Maximal fat loss article. He states:

"if one energy source is disproportionately high compared to the other ones, the body will adapt to use this fuel source are their main one.

So if your protein intake is way higher than the other nutrients, your body will become good at using protein for fuel. Since protein is an inefficient fuel source, the body will be quick to breakdown muscle tissue to produce the enery required: you’ll be burning down the walls to heat the house!"

So let’s im eating roughly 47 % protein, 43% fat, and 10 % carbs (from veggies) (i’m a former fat boy so I need to limit carbs.) Would the combination of fat and carbs be my primary fuel source or would it be protein? Thanks.

fat and carbs

I have experience with high protein diets and the only way that your body would use muscle mass to feed itself is the case where you are eating over most of your meals as protein and not heavy training.

The only way I see that happening is if you are lifting high reps and drinking protein shakes only. With all the information on nutrition in this site I know you are not drinking all your calories in protein powder and water…right?

No I try to eat a combination of protein, healthy fats, and veggies with every meal except for post workout. I definitely eat more protein then the other macro nutrients and that’s why I was worried I would be using protein as my primary energy source. I understand this whole concept now. Carbs and protein will be used for energy as long as I am not eating a ton of protein somewhere over the 60% range. Thanks for the help.

are you counting your nutrients in grams or calories?

Dont really count every calorie, but I understand that fat has 9 calories per gram and fat/protein are 4 per gram.

Wow…a bit sidetracked, but what kind of a diet would yield 50% protein, 40% fat, and 10% carbs?

[quote]deapee wrote:
Wow…a bit sidetracked, but what kind of a diet would yield 50% protein, 40% fat, and 10% carbs?[/quote]

That’s actually pretty good depending on one’s carb tolerance, which the OP has implied isn’t very good due to FFB status, and goals. I personally like my fat calories to be at least equal to my protein calories, when cutting at least, but this is pretty close.

is that % in grams or as % of total calories. if % in grams, it’s like the AD. Otherwise, no idea.

That’s easy, eat as many eggs, meat or fish you want. Add some Protein powder mixed with full fat cream. Get some carbs after workout and there you have the high protein, med fat and low carb diet.

It is useful in certain situations. I haven’t tried it for years upon years, however it makes good use of stored bodyfat wile getting stronger and no hunger feeling.