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Breaking Bonaduce


Anyone see this show yet? This bastard is crazy. I give him credit for getting in good shape, but he is insane. I didn't see the episode fully, but it seems like he' going on the juice now. Any thoughts?


He was on the View (I work overnights, it was the only thing on when I got home) and his wife confronted him about being on gear. So yeah, he's juicing.


That dude is a trainwreck but the show is pretty entertaining. One of the few show's I make sure to watch lately.


He's juicing?? Bwahahahaha! He better up the amount.

I saw a few minutes of one episode where he was talking to his shrink about being a personal trainer and having five young female clients. What a douche.


He just can never live down that he had that indiscretion with a transvestite in Arizona in the 90s. With all his West L.A. hollywood star bullshit and money-he couldn't even get good juice-he had a cheap bottle of illegal mexican shit-the red white and blue bottle with the lint and crap floating in the oil. It was pathetic.


Gyarrrgh, one of em be a porn star matey!


Well, unless he's fucking her, I don't give a damn who his five clients are!!!

And his wife probably has him by the balls! :wink:


She doesn't though, he's totally out of control, the only things that's keeping him from melting down is, well, nothing... Maybe his kids. Thing is is that he's a smart dude, he knows himself, how absurd his decisions are, and what he's doing, but he's just out of control, that's what he thinks defines who he is...

Interesting guy, much moreso than any other reality goofball.


I hadn't seen the show and commented negatively about him on another thread. I've seen him on the boxing thing and on some behind the scenes bs shows but now I actually kinda like him. I thought he was just a rich kid who got in trouble and threw it all away(which he was) and was putting on this crazy, out of control, tough guy whatever so he would have an excuse and seem relavent again. He seems pretty genuine though, and just cannot make good decisions or control his life and he knows it. Has a pretty good physique before being on steroids. I doubt he'll stick with them. If he wasn't famous when he was a kid and had that name to get back in the door, it seems like he would have made a good convict. In and out of prison.


The guy does have some serious problems, but all those child actors end up all fucked up. He does have a good physique, and his drive to workout impressed me. However, the only thing that irritates me is that he has kids and all, and yet seems less reponsible than anyone on the show. And it's wife that keeps him together, I think, not has him by the balls.

I gotta say though, I admire his passion in all things. He doesn't seem to do anything half assed; he is the definition of one's "id" unbridled.

He may be out there, but it is entertaining as hell to watch. Its the only reality show I will sit down and watch.


I think alot of people have mild cases of 'Bonaduce syndrome' and may see something of themselves in him. I know I do. His shrink ( who I can hardly look at, my wife says he's wearing makeup ) and Bonaduce agree that he always chooses the most fucked up choice, then expects to come out smelling like roses. Many of us, I think, can see the obvious 'safe' choice, and then go ahead and pick the riskier choice, for reasons we don't even understand ourselves. Then we just 'assume' that everything will somehow 'right' itself in the end.

I often wonder just how many people are truly addicts in one way or the other. It seems that almost everyone is obsessive with something.

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I agree. The doing stupid things and thinking they will work out ok resonated with me.