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Breaking Bicep Plateaus


im having some trouble with my biceps, i feel like theyre lagging behind everything else and just the weight isnt going up much, or if it does one session its down the next.

today i got fed up with it and tried something. i used a method from the "plateau busters" article and just did as many reps as i could with a weight, took some off and kept repeating.

(im also thinking isometrics?)

in addition to that method and other methods in that article which i will try, are there any methods you guys have used and found success with?

thanks, Kyle.


what have you've been normally doing for bi's?


alotta guys seem to hit biceps way too much. With this there trainging becomes stagnant and gains are scarce. If this is your problem I would suggest concentrate on hitting biceps know more then twice a week, you can pair it with any major muscle group,(i like to pair them with back) and then perform know more then 12 sets preferabbly 9 of basic movements barbell curls etc. in the 6-10 rep range. This has worked well for me when i feel my biceps are not fully recovering.

Best of luck,



I think pull ups followed by curls are a good way to functionally and non-functionally train the biceps. I did 4 sets of 5 reps with 70 lbs of external load attached to me, and then did curls for like 7-9 reps with a small amount of weight to stimulate that myofibril hypertrophy.


ive been doing seated dumbell curls right now. i dont have much equipment at home so i really need to hit a gym get in some inclined curls and chinups.

i currently train my biceps twice a week in DC fashion.


Twice a week DC fashion? Is that every other week?

Also, you need to rotate between 3 biceps exercises in the DC format. Seated dumbbell curls are fine, but also throw in some concentration curls and possibly Zottman curls (not the best biceps exercise in my opinion, but if you have a real lack of equipment they'll at least hit your biceps and build some brachialis and brachioradialis as well).

You should also read Dante's post titled "You guys on the 2 day split better smarten up" over at IM. Basically in it he describes in a simplified format how to choose your exercises if you want to bring up "weak" body parts.

Finally, if you have hit a plateau you might want to take a deloading/off week or two to allow your body to fully recover. If after a few weeks of going back at it you still can't get past this plateau, then perhaps you should check your diet. If all else fails, then maybe think about trying some "plateau busting" techniques.

Oh, and yeah, joining a gym will certainly give you a lot more options in terms of exercise selection.

Good training,



Do this set and tell me how it feels.

A1. DB curls, palms up grip
(to failure, reduce weight, no rest)
A2. DB curls, palms facing each other
(to failure, reduce weight, no rest)
A3. DB curls, palms down grip
(to failure, increase weight back to A1 weight, rest 10 seconds)
A4. DB curls, palms up grip
(to failure, rest for 5 minutes and repeat 1-2 times)

I hope you find a good gym instead though.


try doing your biceps first then your back routine......not to often though