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Breaking Bench Plateau

Ok so I need some advice on breaking my plateau in my bench. I had done a 10x3 for several weeks and was able to do 225lbs for all sets without any spot and could do 245 for about 3 sets and then need spots on the rest.

When I came off of it and went back to volume, it didn’t seem to transfer over. I’m still stuck at 185/205.

What do I have to do to increase my bench and retain the gains?

Any suggestions as far as a routine or exercises that will have me breaking this damn plateau would be much appreciated.

I’m strong in all my other muscles/lifts, but my chest is my weakest point, but visually you wouldn’t be able to tell because of my genetics.

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Look over these:


DB presses: Something that worked for me last year, I did a regular 4x12 for 2 weeks, 4x8 2 weeks, 3x3 2 weeks, and then the last two weeks I did nothing but 1RM. I did this all doing DB presses, did not even look at the bench press the whole time. On my 3x3 weeks and 1RM weeks, I would end each DB press session with dropsets starting at the weight I was using all the way down to 30 lbs, dropping 5-10 lbs per set.

I like 5x5 adding 5 lbs each set. If I complete all 5 sets, the next week I start 5 lbs heavier. I always seem to get stronger on this workout reaching a 1 rep max of 485 the last time I did it.

An example for you might be
205 x 5
210 x 5
215 x 5
220 x 5
225 x 5

If you get all five sets, next week start out at 210.

Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. The thing is I had done the 5x5 and even 10x3 training and had was able to move 245…it just didn’t translate over when I went back to volume training.

I’m gonna look over those articles, from briefly scanning them they looked pretty good. Thanks for the help guys.