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Breaking Bad

'OK, now that the series first season is finished, has anyone else seen it?

I just gotta discuss it somewhere.

I wasn’t sure where it was going after ep. 1, but it looked like it was going to glorify drug-dealing. By the end of ep. 2, it was clear that was not the case at all.

I was stunned at the end of ep. 7, the finale. It’s almost as if Gnarls Barkley’s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” was written just for it.

I saw the first season. I liked it, but have a few problems. The kid that he cooks with is an idiot. The old man seems like he’s smoked more dope and seen more action than that loser kid… I wasn’t buying it. I DID buy the kid’s role as an ex-mormon nutjob on Big Love though. He’s such a pussy.

Also the writers strike totally fucked up the finale. Other than that, it was good.

i love the actor who plays the old guy. I don’t see where the show can go though unless he gets better and continues his life as a drug dealer?

I’m getting into californiacation right now. The first show kind of sucked but its getting pretty good.

I thought the idea was really cool; some of the episodes weren’t terribly interesting but overall pretty cool.

Trailer Park Boys is still by far the best show ever.

I am starting Huff now, which seems good. I just finished John From Cincinnati, which was ok, and I am pretty excited about the new season of The Tudors.

Also Brotherhood was renewed for a third season. That one is damn good.

I am addicted.

I thought it was great. That kid is a total pussy, you’d think if he was drug dealing he could at least hide his pussy-ness.