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Breaking Bad Template


I'm looking at using the BreBa template after I finish Monolith (on 4/6).

For Week 2 (Rest-Pause), Jim writes "Assistance work â?? rest pause (choose 2-4 exercises and use the rest/pause)".

Does that mean, for example,

  • Shrugs 1 rest pause set (which would be 3 sets done quickly)
  • Dips 1 rest-pause set


  • Shrugs 1 rest pause set x 3
  • Dips 1 rest-pause set x 3

I'm assuming option #1. The original Rest Pause will really test you, so it seems like option #2 would be overkill bordering on Why Even Ask Dumbass territory.

But I thought I would check.


They are done just like every other rest pause set.


In week three when you go back to doing FSL with the 3x5 percentages do you raise the training max or do you run the same Max the whole four weeks.


I would also be interested to know this.


You change after each cycle - this is how the 5/3/1 program usually works.