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Breaking Bad Starts Again


Anyone watch last nights episode?


I did.

I was surprised the confrontation between Hank and Walt happened in this episode. I was expecting it to happen in the final few episodes.

I also wonder if they gave away too much too early.

We now know:

a) The world eventually finds out about Walter's drug dealings based on his house being old and abandoned - By extension we know this has at the very least destroyed Hank's career if not lead to his death.

b) We know there's some sort of confrontation with people in the drug trade after seeing Heisenberg sprayed on the walls and the house blown to bits

c) We know he used the endgame strategy of disappearing off the map offered by Saul in season 4. Though that was confirmed in s05e08.

d) His cancer is goes back in remission based on his bushy goatee and hair.


I guess it's all about details.


Walt's quote at the end goes up there as my favorite quote from the series. Might only be second to "Say my name" "You're Heisenberg" "You're goddamn right"


Another excellent episode....so glad this show is back. Forgot how good it was. This gives me a show to look forward to again each week after sitting through sub-par Dexter season 8


Probably my favorite show on TV




Yeah I didn't get that at all.


Because Walt was right under Hank's nose the whole time.

The guy who previously held Hank's job was fired for the very same reason - being personal friends with Gus Fring


He was fired because he never pursued Fring, not the fact that he was friends with him. The whole police department loved Gus (sans Hank) because he donated shit tons of money to them. Through your logic everyone would have been fired. From the looks of it Hank will pursue Walt which in my mind does not mean that his career will be over.


This is the greatest show ever.

Watched all 5 seasons last month to refresh ready the final episodes.

I think Hank is still alive and looking for Walt, hence getting the ricin to probably kill him.

I'm looking forward to it kicking off, obviously people find out he is heisenberg n all hell breaks lose.

I'd like to see an automatic / sub machine gun / assault rifle in his hands.


That too.

But Merkert was his spending personal time with Fring mentioning how he had him over for BBQs and such.

You can't fire a whole police department, that is silly and you're taking my comment too literally. Obviously only the head of the department (or whatever title Merkert held) would be fired.

Uhh... spending practically every weekend with a drug kingpin for a year and a half will not have serious blowback including losing his job?

Yeah, I highly doubt that.


I just do not think you can say that we at least know he loses his job over this. I am not saying it isn't a possibility but you make it sound like it must absolutely be true.


I donno, better than, "Yo! Gatorade me, bitch!"? I couldn't stop laughing.



That shit was funny too. I do like when Jesse freaks out in "4 days out" when he goes off about building a robot.


I was also surprised hank and Walt came face to face both knowing that the other knows so soon.

GREAT first episode back, I can't wait for more.

Oh and can anyone fill me in on the situation between Walt and the 'ex-business associate' that came to see him at the car wash? Did he end up going into business with her, something to do with Poland...?


And don't forget about the MAGNETS BITCH!!!


She was trying to get him to start up over in the Czech Republic but he denied her. I believe he gave her the recipe and instructions so her scientists could take over. Obviously they aren't as good as Walt hence why she came to him asking for help since the purity has gone down to 67%


THAT'S what she was talking about... I heard her say something about 67% but didn't understand as she was whispering. Cheers mate