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Breaking Bad has Started


Just sayin.....


cool beans. in other news, i can now see my penis.


Certainly an accomplishment, well done good Sir.

May I inquire whether your belly was extraordinairly big or you member unusually small?


annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd taking this thread back on track the first episode, without laying out any spoilers, was exactly as I wanted it to be!

Breaking Bad is back alright...



What season is the show into now? And assuming someone had relatively unlimited time on their hands, how long would it take for someone to catch up from the start? Is it the type of show where you just can't stop watching. For example, I got caught up to half way through Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (comes back on Sept 6 BTW) in 3 days


Season 4 and I think it is about 13 episodes per season.

To the second question, dunno, I think its awesome.


Breaking Bad is undoubtedly some of the best television drama...EVER.


Once you start watching the episodes, you'll want to keep watching until you're caught up. It's one of the best for a reason, and Bryan Cranston has won alot of awards(back-to-back-to-back...) for his performance for a reason.


I fucking hate TV. I mean really, really hate it. If I see another "top ten damage-inflicting landmines" show on The LEARNING Channel I will go murder a nun.

I would happily spend an entire weekend watching Breaking Bad episodes back-to-back and consider it time well spent.


Loved last weeks episode. 15 minutes to go for this week.


already watched it. Wanna know what happens?


Thanks, but I'll watch it for myself.

Judging by the opening scene, Walt's exit strategy isn't going as planned. Already can't wait until next week. Damn all those days that new BB episodes not on.


Loved the scarface cameo in that episode


Dang it. I've missed that.


Last week's episode was immense.


KJHEJKh\kdj|HKWEJHKLJDHejkqh I loved how they humanised Gus! Up till now you haven't really seen him display any emotion. He's a ruthless businessman through and through. Even when slicing through the artery of his own staff he just walks in, slits his throat and then walks out...telling everyone to get back to work lol. And just when you're settled in Walt's overall plan and curious how he's going to work it out - not only do they throw you a highly emotional scene in Gus' past, they also show you just how fucking cool this cat is under pressure. I don't want the guy dead now and am half hoping the show continues it's entirely unpredictable nature!LKJ LDKHJEFLIOEJ:"WJKLJLOFJLOFJ

Fucking. Awesome. Program.


Last night's episode was pure awesomeness.

Walt deserved it.


I'm curious as to what Walt is going to do now. I have a pretty good idea, but I never have any idea how this show will turn out.

I still absolutely hate Skyler, I genuinely wish she wasn't in the show. Maybe it's the actress, maybe it's just the character, but ugh.


I don't know. I liked Skyler's dumb accountant routine this week.

Walt needs to see the big picture and recognize that Jesse is pretty much the only one that is on his side. Even if he got rid of Gus, he would end up being a bitch for the cartel. Gus is scary, but the cartel is scary and crazy.

No Saul this week. :frowning:


Gus almost smiled.


Fuck I love this show