Breaking Bad, Bodybuilder, Other Articles from Your Blog Missing

Hey, i wanted to plan my training for the next couple of months and cannot seem to find different articles you published on your blog. There is no other source in the internet for the breaking bad template, and i don’t remember the assistance recommendations for the 5sPRO 5x5 FSL weeks. Could you help me out? Or is it because it is going to be part of the new book? If so, i’m going to wait (unpatiently and willing to pay whatever you want at this point)

You can find this stuff in his private forum

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i don’t have a credit card, is it possible to pay via paypal?

yeah just checked. gonna join right now, thanks

crap, still not possible, still need a credit card even through paypal. gonna get one soon then i guess

Which program where you interested in?

Breaking bad… the others i’m interested in too, i’ll read them when i paid

Get a pre-paid credit card from Wal-Mart. I use them for internet sites that don’t have PayPal to keep from getting my account hacked again.

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Im in germany

So? They don’t have pre paid credit cards there?

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not in supermarkets. but i can order one online it seems :slight_smile:

I have no idea - I’ve written about 500 different programs in the last 2 years and I can’t remember them all. The website is fairly new (6 months or so) and had to take some stuff down due to formatting programs.

The forum is the only place that has everything and some more - I was tired of having an article on this website, that website, on this forum, etc. Just stupid to do that because it serves no one.

The new book, which is being formatted, had to be shortened from 400+ pages to 270+ due to too much content and people hate that. But in general, the forum or new book is what I would recommend. Or you can play football here in London and i’ll personally coach you for free. So there’s that.

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