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Breaking an Egg with One Hand


can anyone break an egg with one hand? apparently its impossible. i tried it and couldnt do it.


Was it a Goose egg.. YEp I think it was.


I think you can't if you're squeezing evenly, like if you have the entire thing grasped in a single hand with your fingers curled around it. The trick is to use your thumb to break the shell.


that's easy. Pick it up with one hand, smash on the floor...

  1. place the egg in your dominant hand
  2. raise the egg above your head, elbow slightly bent
  3. smash the egg into your forehead
  4. go to work naked

hope this helps.


its all in the wrist...


Was this post a clever ploy to have everyone go grab an egg and squirt egg all over their kitchen? Because if so, bravo, it worked.

My hands are very large, it was a piece of cake.

And I did it how PMPM described.


I think you're probably right about OP's motives. I had heard this "unbreakable egg" theory a while back and drunkenly tested it out one night. Egg spewed all over the kitchen.


Goose Egg


no i actually couldnt break the egg. i just held it in my palm and squeezed. i didnt use my thumb.


I knew I saw this somewhere before:

Go to 10 seconds in.


Or squeeze harder with your fingertips. I did this at a hotpot restaurant and got egg all over myself and the table next to us.


You all are doing it wrong.

The real test is you can't break a egg between your butt cheeks.
It just can't be done not possible.


I think there's a missing part to this...it's supposed to be impossible to crush an egg in your hands if you're trying to squeeze it from the top and bottom.
Like an arch the force is directed around the shell and not through it. Any other way will crush the egg.


^nope butt cheeks


I did it at this girls house one time and sprayed egg all over her parents fridge lol


i already told you idiots how to do it, it's not impossible.


I tried it couldnt do it then i stuck my finger through and it broke all over the place, when the preassure is evenly distrabuted they are impossible to break with your hand. Its so the egg wont break when the hen is laying it.


get your terms right. what you're doing is a crushing an egg. breaking an egg is cracking it to use the egg in cooking, a skill that is hard to do with one hand. i can do two eggs in one hand at the same time, trick i learned as a cook in college


No they aren't, I just did it a few hours ago.