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Breaking a Squat Suit In


I was looking for peoples opinions/experience on how long it usually takes/has taken to break a new squat suit in and how people have gone about it.

For instance should I worry about reaching parallel straight away or should I just work at finding the groove of suit first?


Took about 6 weeks for me. Just focus on keeping in your groove, depending on how tight it is you may not be able to hit parallel for a bit.

For the most Part it takes about a month for our lifters. Are grear is normally really loose to begin with and we grow into it. First time I ever put on a suit I had no problem getting depth because it pretty much like putting on a singlet.

A great way i found out is take your raw max add about 50LB and squat to a box with no belt on! Its simple and works! start with a box a lil above parallel and work down!