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Breaking a Man's Hand with a Handshake


At the risk of sounding immature or even psycho, I have to ask; how much force would it take to break a man's hand with just pure grip strength when shaking hands?

(Obviously this depends on certain variables: size/strength of the other guy, whether his hand is tensed for manly handshake or relaxed for a pussy, "limpfish" handshake. For the sake of this question, lets assume he's an average 5'11" , 175 lb guy giving a relatively decent handshake)

I've already mastered the level #1 Captains of Crush griper and just placed my order for the #2. I just wondered at what point I could potentially do this. (appearantly you can crush a raw potato once you master #3)

For reference:

1 = 140 lbs

1.5 = 167.5 lbs

2 = 195 lbs

2.5 = 237.5lbs

3 = 280 lbs

3.5 = 322.5 lbs

4 = 365 lbs

If anyone could help answere this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!



Crushing a man's hand is easy.

Use this device instead. Once you reach 500 reps, you will be able to decapitate a man with one kick.


where is epic beard man when we need him?


Holy shit I lolled like a pre-pubescent girl. Damn I remember those commercials...


Is it possible to break one of my hands by shaking it with the other?


I think could be possible to break one of your hands with the other...I think if I relaxed one just a little I could. I know just accidentally the other day when I shook hands with the guy at the bank and I felt his hand buckle. Granted, he was of small build, but I think much more force and I would have hurt him.


Neat thing about this is I know the way to shake another hand so that the other guy CAN'T break anything. Really. But it's sort of hard to describe...I'll try to take a pic later.

Basically, you turn your hand straighter instead of the more up & down way you usually shake hands and make your index and middle finger run more along the other guy's inner wrist, then there's something about the angle that makes it nearly impossible for him to crush your hand bones.


I feel sad when I get the limp fish :frowning:


You should have ordered the 1.5 as well. The Jump from one to two is alot at first. After I ordered the 2 I thought damn this is going to take forever. I'm working on 3 now By doing sets of the 2 for time reps of 3sec paused with the 2 grip.

Yes if your a good size biger and stronger than the other guy you can crush his hand. But then the next question is where will his other hand, elbow, foot be at while your squeezing his hand, hopefully not flying at your head.


Immaturity and Psychosis is the life blood of T-Nation.


^Really? I thought Vixen Vacation Pics were the life Blood of T-Nation


You will fail.


When I got to COC2 I shook someones hand and had them on the floor without trying too hard but then I think I started to overtrain with them and had bad pains in my hand all the time so probably couldnt close the 2 now.

I also bought the number 4 which only a few people have ever closed just to see what its like lol. Impossible never met anyone that can come close to closing it.


Fuck that thread. The Expendables is the life blood of T-Nation. That and T-vixen thread.


I also got the strain in the palm of my hand, but that was just because I would try to close it cold.

I think Samuelsson and 4 others are the only people to ever close the 4. I got it as a joke, and when you get it home you notice it looks the same as the 2 or 3 except that damn spring is bigger.


I have the trainer and the #1, I can close the #1 about 15 times fully with right and about 9 or 10 with left. My buddy who rode motocross for his entire childhood and early adulthood, closed the #1 23 times on his first try. LOL Anyways, should I go #1.5 or #2? to step up?



Ah, I couldn't understand how they could sell a thing that only five people in the world have ever been able to use, but it's a great crappy joke present.

Samuelsson broke another strongmans arm while arm wrestling... I guess he could crush a hand as well. He's the guy who got two reps with the #4...


Now this is me speaking from complete inexperience on that, but it always seemed to me that crushing a full can of beer/soda wouldn't be that hard. I know I'm wrong, but it always seemed to me like it would be easy if you were pretty strong.

of course I should just buy a can and try it.

I did try to roll up a frying pan once, it was an aluminum one and I got it curled up on both sides.


Can't get video at work, what is the clip of Nard-say