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Breakfast Upon Waking is Bad?

I saw this article on Elitefts.com

I found it interesting and the reasoning seemed to make sense, and he discusses all thoughts regarding breakfast.

Basically he says that you should delay breakfast a couple hours because you burn more fat faster and promotes growth hormone release, and by eating in the morning you spike insulin which stops all that. Anyway, read the article it is very detailed in the hormonal processes of the body in the morning, then please let me know what you think.

Personally I have spend my whole life eating breakfast as soon as I get up (I’m 21) so I thought I’d try this approach of delaying breakfast and surprisingly I don’t get insanely hungry, I can eat but no massive hunger pangs, mind you I’ve only done it for 2 days, I plan on doing it for 2 weeks to see what happens.

Interesting article but im not sure if its a legit idea or not. I suppose if daily macro goals are met without breakfast than its fine.

I workout early in the A.M. so breakfast is my post workout meal so i cant really afford to skip my breakfast but if my workouts were later in the day, I would possibly try it and see how it works

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