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Breakfast Then Sleep?


Im looking to bulk up, and i wanna try to comsume about 4200 caleries a day. I was wondering is it bad for me to wake up at like 6am, make a protein shake, drink it, then go back to bed and have a regular breakfast when i wake up at about 830-9am?


If you stuggle to eat a lot that would probably be recommended.


dont struggle to eat, i get on an average 5 meals in a day, just not close to 4200 cals lol


You could make it earlier in the morning if possible. So there isn't such a gap between last meal and the morning meal.


When I wake up naturally to go to the bathroom I'll have some cottage cheese or something quick sometimes, but I don't like the idea of interupting sleep artificially (via alarm) for the purpose of eating.


I would recommend doing it about 3 hours after you go to bed


If the goal is to add calories, it can very often be a struggle until your body adjusts to the greater food intake. As far as waking up, eating and then going back to sleep...I am more worried that someone had to ask because they thought it just might be bad for them. Unless you have limited time for sleep, there is no issue.


Easier than to make a shake get 2 raw eggs, break them and mix with 3% or whole milk. Drink it when you go to the bathroom at night.

300ml + 2 eggs does the trick for me but you will have to experiment how much milk to add so you will not feel full when laying down in bed.

No health problems whatsoever.