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Breakfast Suggestions For Early W/O


I work out every morning at 5:00 am. Im trying to put mass on so I make sure to get a meal in before I workout. Ive been eating oatmeal with protein and some berries....... The problem Im having is that Im getting the feeling that Im going to throw up in the middle of my workouts. I think its because of the heavy meal beforehand. Any meal suggestions that may help me out here?


How long before you workout do you eat?


I used to have the same feeling when I used to workout in the mornings. I would suggest mixing what you're eating into a shake, you can just put the uncooked oats right in the there, maybe just need a bit more water/milk as they will thicken it up, might be a little easier to digest in liquid form.

Or you could go easy on the oatmeal, maybe just fruit and protein and then have oatmeal or other carbs postworkout, more important anyways and you're probably not low on energy at that time anyways.


I have to work out at 5am due to work and home constraints. (Work all day, spend time with family in the evening).

I usually get up at 4am. Mix a shake consisting of whey and ground up oats. This is filling, nutritionaly sound, and heck, I even like the way it tastes! I usually do one scoop of whey and 1 cup of oatmeal for roughly 25 protein and 50 carbs.

Works for me.


My vote would be exactly that or Just a whey protein shake pre workout followed by a post workout meal being the oatmeal with protein. IMO of course. Good luck.


I dump in the blender every morning, the following:
2 bananas
1 cup of oatmeal (dry)
1/2 liter of water
2 large scoops of cottage cheese
2 scoops of Metabolic Drive

Great tasting.


You won't be able to absorb and digest much in one hour before a workout, so pre-digested meals are best.

Here's a sample opimization diet.
4:01 Surge
5:00 Surge


I work out at 5:30 each morning, and I hate feeling bloated before or after my workouts. I drink a protein shake that has 50g of whey 100g malto/dextrose during my workout, and I chug the remainder at the end.

Your body will digest small amounts of food more efficiently than larger amounts, so sipping on a shake during lift time makes sense. If you prefer real food, go ahead and eat at 4, but tone it down a notch and see how you feel.


Do this and you'll get big. Just check out some of David Barr's articles on the left, under authors, click on his name.

enjoy the reading,



I love early morning workouts, this is the breakfast that worked best for me:

3 whole eggs (cage free is my prefference, but w/e), scrambled with onions/black pepper

1/2-1c cottage cheese on a piece of whole wheat toast ( i really mound it on there)

If you dont like cottage cheese, add cheese to the eggs. Maybe throw in a few slices of turkey bacon (pref. organic, theres a world of difference as far as taste)

cup of tea/coffee

With a breakfast like that, im usually ready to work out in 45 minutes. I used to try oatmeal, but if you dont have 1.5 hrs to kill the fiber is too filling.


I don't know how some of you workout with only a shake in the morning.I need atleast two meals in me before I start working out hard.


I workout out at 5:30 and this has been my routine....1/2 a serving of Surge mixed with Metabolic Drive pre-workout. Rest of the Surge about 15 minutes after lifting. Shower and then eat oatmeal mixed with more Metabolic Drive and berries. Its been working well for me....



Thanks for all the replies guys, I really appreciate all the help. I think I might try out the Surge idea Dan John talked about. I think that might be my best bet. This wont add too much fat on though, right? I had always thought eating slower acting carbs in the morning was better...


Just curious: why do you mix Surge with Metabolic Drive? Surge is meant to be "fast-acting" while the casein in Metabolic Drive would seem to have the opposite effect (i.e. slower absorption).