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Breakfast Suggestions for a Developing Country


Hello! I live in a very poor country with no access to real milk, just UHT milk. I would usually eat porridge for breakfast but I don’t like UHT milk nor do I want to consume it. Other options for things we would usually find with ease in Europe, North America or Australasia are also EXTREMELY limited. I am also toying with the idea of becoming pescatarian mostly for animal welfare reasons but also the quality of what is available here is very poor. The eggs are also imported and are from caged hens so I no longer want to continue buying them for health and animal welfare reaons.

So, on to the question - does anybody have any suggestions of what to eat for breakfast? I would usually eat eggs with avocado and some fruits here but eggs are now out. Fruits and avocado can continue but I now need a protein source. What does everybody eat? Does anybody have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance


is eating meat totally out of the question?


Hi Yogi1. Thanks for the reply. Errrr no, not totally. The problem is, anything produced locally is not good quality - the chickens etc. just hang out near waste refuses/rubbish piles etc. as do the pigs. The beef is not at all good quality. The imported stuff is what would be considered very cheap in the European countries so is 1) low on animal welfare and 2) full of hormones etc. Neithe are particularly appealing.

If I could get organic, grass fed meat/eggs I would still be happy to consume those things (healthy and the animals are treated well before being slaughtered) but they don’t have any of those things here. They don’t even really have supermarkets here. I am looking for somebody with hens at home as my contract here is two years and I don’t want to buy something I would later have to abandon (if nobody else wanted to take them in) or I would buy a couple of hens myself.

The seafood, fruits and vegetables are amazing though.

What were you thinking of suggesting?