Breakfast Solutions

Hello Everyone,

Four Weeks ago I started doing the “Meats and Nuts” Breakfast because I was curious whether it would make me feel different over the day. Before I ate the usuall oatmeal proteinshake ect. breakfast. So far I do not really notice a difference … I eat brakfast at around 7:30 and am hungry again at about 12:00 which is basically the same time as with the “carb breakfast”. I work out after work which is about 5:30pm. I do not intend to get any leaner or diet down at the moment because i weigh roughly 67 kilogramm at about 9% bodyfat. Overall I consume about 2700 kcals a day and my questions know are

  1. would anything “bad” happen when i switch back to carb breakfast ???
  2. Could I vary between high fat and high protein breakfasts and high carb high protein breakfasts during the week or would that not be beneficial?
  3. What are your Breakfasts looking like ??


You’re going to need to experiment. For me, I always ate a carb breakfast and felt/looked fine until I was reaching mid30s - then not so great. I was only ever able to get to very low body fat on a fat/protein breakfast carbs only from veggies

Current breakfast is:
1/2 cup oats with enough milk to cook it and leave it a bit milky plus a bunch of berries.
4 eggs w/chutney, dill and avo (sometimes cheese)
Depending on how I feel, some short cut bacon
I munch on a carrot as I prepare.

1 day a week, I will have 8 sugar free versions of what American folk call weetabix with maple syrup and fruit (for sanity and a drop in protein)

1 day a week I will eat breakfast out (usually eggs on toast)

I’m trying to drop some pounds so it can be up to 6 eggs and a cup of oats

Okeyyy thank you very much for your response ! I think I will stick to this Meat and Nuts breakfast over the weekdays and on Weekend when i can train around lunch time I will have a carb breakfast…

My Breakfast:
1/4 cup Almonds
1/4 cup Pistacios
1/4 cup Sunflower Seeds
3 tbls Chia Seeds.

50 grams Fat
20 grams Protein
20 grams Carbs
25 Grams FIBER
650 Calories

The great thing about this is how stable my blood sugar levels remain throughout the day,
as shown by the fact that I did 3 months of daily blood glucose testing for the knowledge it provided to me.
Makes for great fodder in my nursing program where I am the only one who is not Fat, Obese or Morbidly Obese.

Eaten at about 7-730am. Hungry again about 1030, at which time I eat some Dead Flesh and non carb dairy.
Lunch and afternoon snack is Veggies galour with Dead Flesh.

Pre lifting +/- 40 minutes out, 50 grams Dextrose and 30 grams Whey
+/- 15 minutes out, 30 grams dextrose and 30 grams Whey

Big dinner after showering off.
This is four days per week.

Other three days is about the same without the pre lifting protocol.

I think it largely depends on your metabolism, appetite habits and activity routine. In my case, I lead a relatively sedentary life throughout the day until I workout in the early evening. Further, for many years now I did some form of IF and skipped breakfast altogether, which was usually very easy. Now I tend to eat a small, protein rich breakfast and continue to be a big proponent of eating my carbs at night. As a result, my diet routine looks something like this:

06.30 - 600-700ml water with 10g glutamine, 7g greens powder, 10g p husks

08.30 - 3 hard boiled eggs, coffee

12.30 - chicken (or other meat), spinach, green beans, maybe some nuts and/or nut butter

18.00 - workout (10-20g whey/20-40g carbs peri-workout drink)

19.00 - dinner is usually some type of meat, green veg and sweet potato

21.00 - snack of rice cakes and nut butter