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Breakfast Size

What percentage of my daily calories should come from my breakfast? I have the impression that it should be bigger than the other meals, but I have no idea how much bigger. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could answer this.

In my opninion, only you can answer this. Many people do well deviding up their calories equally into 5-6 meals. Others do better when they have a bigger breakfast and then gradually reduce the calories through the day.

Nobody but you knows how you will respond. Try an approach for a few weeks, then make adjustments until you find what works perfectly for you.

Hope that helps.

why not just see what works for you. i eat about 1/3 of my calories for breakfast. when i work out in the morning i’ll eat 2/3 by noon.

good answers so far everyone is diffrent and also will vary depending on your goals, I eat atleast 6 times a day resulting in around 4,500 calories a day and my breakfest is 1,100 calories this works best for me. alot of protien, slow digesting carbs, some good fats, helps wake me up and get some energy.

Totally depends on your goals, stats, and body type imo.

I do agree it depends ut iyts a great time for a big old whack of calories be it if ytour cutting or bulking. If cutting it starts you out on a good foot and you tend to eat less later in the day and have all day to burn the intake

If bulking you are one step ahead of getting that food in that can be tough at times.

If your just going nowhere LOL get a damn goal :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the answers.

My weight is currently 78kg which is 171,6lbs :slight_smile: and my bf is 7-8%. For the last month I’ve been eating about 1700kcal on non-training days and 2100kcal on training days. It is the first time I’ve ever consistantly followed a meal plan, I used to just eat crap and have a couple of protein shakes troughout the day, sometimes skipping a meal and having a shake instead.

My final goal is to be about 190lbs with about 5% bf, but I’m not in a hurry, right now I’m experimenting with losing fat (so please don’t tell me I should be bulking).

I started out with 4 meals a day to keep it simple and get the hang of things, with each meal containing 40g protein and 20g fat along with a small amount of vegetables (one tomato for instance) and 7x 1g fishoil capsules (640mg omega3).

On workout days, which are 2-3 times a week, I added 50g of carbs during workout, and 50g immediately after. I did that for a week and actually felt very good. I got plenty of sleep and didn’t notice any decrease in energy levels at all, rather the opposite. My strength didn’t decrease either, but I wern’t able to do as many reps with lighter weights.

The next two weeks I kept my breakfast the same size, but split my other meals so I could eat every 2-3 hours to comply with Berardi’s advice. After I made that change I’ve actually felt hungry a lot more often, but I’ve stuck with it simply because eating more often is supposed to be better.

This last week I experimented with exchanging my breakfast fat for the same amount of kcal in slow digesting carbs, but I havn’t noticed any difference at all in how I feel. What I’ve noticed though is a huge fucking craving for more knowledge on how big my goddamn breakfast should be :slight_smile:

I hope that is detailed enough information. It is kind of a digression though, what I was really going to ask is if there exists any detailed information on the subject of breakfast size, along the lines of a John Berardi article. Something like a starting point, with guidelines on possible changes etc… that would be great. If there is nothing like that, I’ll take your advice to experiment myself, but if there is, it could make things much easier.

Come on, someone reply! :slight_smile:

[quote]jonie wrote:
Come on, someone reply! :)[/quote]

Why are you starving yourself?

Why do you want to cut at 7%bf and 170lbs? unless your physique is real messed up you should look pretty damn lean where you are.