Breakfast Recipes

There have been a lot of good ideas and suggestions both on the site and here in the forums for new and different things to eat. We can share here our experiences and discuss ideas for new things to put together to eat or ask questions.

My question is this: what usually do you eat for breakfast? sometimes i will drink a shake or eat a couple of eggs. but there are some mornings that i cant stand to look at eggs and i thought it would be a good idea to post some good recipies both for bulking and cutting.

Also, if you could share your ideas about other meals, snacks, or bedtime nutrition, it would be a really good thread to share.

Typical breakfast training day:

Oatmeal w/ blueberries & cinnamon
Couple scoops of protein (2-3 ~ 40-50g)

Non-training would just cut the oatmeal

Each of my other meals is well prepared, I have to pick up the slack on breakfast, but its a pain trying to prepare stuff in the morning with a sleeping roommate.

If I were to mix some egg whites, oats, and protein in the blender the night before, would it sit well until morning?

Before Bed:
Peanut butter, night-time protein formula, and some raw eggs thrown in if I’m feeling up to it.

is there anything other than protein powder or eggs anybody uses? ill probably just start eating non-typical breakfast foods (tuna, chicken). i just wanted some ideas in the same thread to kinda keep it organized.

the “take a snap of your food” thread has a lot of good things in it, that is what made me want to start this thread.

odd as it sounds, i eat oatmeal and a big can of tuna for breakfast everyday. sometimes ill throw in a few almonds.

I make a smoothie some days, not during cutting.

1.5 cups skim milk
2 scoops whey protein
1/2 cup lowfat yogurt
1 large banana
1/2 cup strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries

blend and consume

Sometimes I will blend it right before I leave and drink it on the way to work.

Tried poached eggs and broccoli yesterday.
It wasn’t as digusting as I thought it would be - but still not very inviting.

Can’t quite face it today - might go back to oatmeal with additives (wheat germ, fibre, flax, psylium etc)

Every morning:

4 Egg Omlet with:
Turkey Bacon

Bowl of Oatmeal with:
Frozen Blueberries (cools it down faster)
1 scoop Grow! Whey

All mixed together:

Steel cut oats
1c blueberries
small banana
1c kefir (yogurt)
1 scoop whey
2tbpn flax meal

Tomorrow I will be trying this:

Two whole eggs, fried, sunny side up, then put aside

Take two slices of rye bread, toast them on pan with olive oil and put about quarter pound or less of turkey in between and perhaps some feta cheese

put eggs in between toast


Comes out to about 500 calories: eggs 160, bread 160, oil, 30, turkey 100, feta 40

Its my cutting breakfast, keeping the carbs to the morning

I’m trying to lose weight and everyday its 3 eggs cooked in olive oil, 1 slice whole wheat bread w/ small amount of smart butter, coffee w/ 4 oz milk, and some fresh fruit.

If I’m running late I’ll make a smoothy.

One time, I had some left over chicken cooked and I threw it in with some baked beans and a piece of toast. It was good for a change of pace, but baked beans have a lot of sugar.