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Breakfast Questions

I came across a website today that was discussing how eating breakfast was benificial for people trying to lose weight. No new news there.

The site proceeded to talk about milk and the conjugated linoleic acid found it and its benefits.
The article states that " The conjugated linoleic acid found in milk may help convert fat into lean muscle."

Now i’m not a dietician or a science expert but I was under the impression that fat could not be “turned into lean muscle.” Anyone have any information on this?

Oh and here’s a link to the site…

And before I get flamed, I don’t usually cruise the womencentral fitness sites, it came up after I signed out of hotmail.



What an absolute joke. And to think the person who said it was actually a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Of course, why should I be surprised?

I just read that article. Strange, I didn’t know of any metabolic process that does this. I looked for the email address of the author so I could ask her about this ‘magical process’ but there wasn’t one listed.

 Proves my point that just because you're in shape doesnt mean you're qualified to teach anybody. They dont know fuck. Fat into muscle. Huh. Muscle is pure protein. Fat is....well, fat. As far as I know, lipids have no amino group in its chemical blueprint. Without it, it'd pretty much be a feat to make a protein molecule. Goes to show what a bunch of imbecils these people are. 

Uhhhh…a fat cell is a fat cell! You can’t magically turn fat into lean muscle. You can “shrink” your fat cells which in turn will be re-placed by lean muscle (provided you are participating in a weight training regimend). But it would be inconceivable to turn a fat cell into muscle. Whoever the idiot was that wrote that info…should NOT be considered a health professional!

Well your hunch is right, you can absolutely not magically transform fat into muscle. I read a bit of the article and the author seems to be trying to sensationalize her claims. Instead of saying CLA can help you build more muscle and burn more fat she says “turn fat into muscle”. Also her claims about certain foods burn more calories to digest is a joke in my opinion and also trying to sensationalize. I mean is it true, probably but not enough to make any difference. It reminds me of those old claims that you should eat celery because it is like eating negative calories. My advise is next time this garbage pops up is to ignore it. my 2 cents anyway.

Thanks for the info everyone. That is what I figured but I really like to try to make sure I have my information together because there is nothing I dislike more than spreading disinformation and thinking I know what i’m talking about. Again, thanks for your time.

  • Mark

I think the term “fat into muscle” was originally meant to state that the particular individual could use the excess energy from fat while dieting to help retain or even build more muscle. But turning fat into muscle literally, is a bunch of BS. I’ve seen that most easy gainers have this excess energy store and therefor have an easier time eating less or controlling their caloric intake and still gaining. People who write articles like this are fucking stupid.