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Breakfast Question


Hey guys I have a question about my breakfast for you. Right now I eat 10 whole eggs and 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal that is mixed with ~1 cup of skim milk.

Now, all of my other meals are split into P+F and P+C, this is the only meal of the day where I am mixing all three. My goal right now is to continue adding weight with no increase in body fat.

So I'm wondering if I should do something like 10 egg whites and 2 whole eggs? Should I am to make this a purely P+C meal or is this not even a big deal?



I wouldn't sweat it. It would be rather tough to get a big, highly dense meal in the morning if fats were limited.

How has it been working so far?


The whole "gotta separate fats and carbs" thing to get/stay lean is a myth. It would be best to simply forget about it.


I wouldn't see it being a huge problem. Unless you're going and training right afterward I see nothing wrong with having fat with your breakfast.
Not to mention, you seem to know what works for your body, judging from what I've read.


eat the yolk!!

in all seriousness, if your worried, why not drop the oats?? I will never understand the obsession with oats...


To answer your questions, it has been working great so far. I mean I'm 280 and I'm probably at 13-14% bf at most right now. I ask because once I started separating my meals into P+C and P+F I made incredible LBM gains while dropping a little bodyfat. I am just wondering if I can enhance that effect even further by following that rule 100%. In the end all the little things DO add up.

Jmou it is not a myth, it has something bodybuilders have been doing successfully for years and will continue to do so. If I spike my insulin with carbs and then eat a lot of fat, the fat will be stored. It's just common sense. This approach allows me to eat well over maintenance and so far I have had no bodyfat issues. Believe me, I've tried both ways.

Well ratchet I'm just trying to restore glycogen, I workout about 3 hours after breakfast and these slow digesting carbs really give me the energy so I can maintain intensity while I lift. That's not a bad idea though. Maybe I'll drop the oats and up it to 1 dozen eggs, it's worth a shot.

Any other thoughts guys?


I'm simply going to respond by posting these two articles and simply say "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink".

Carbs and Fat: Friends After All? by Alan Aragon (smart guy, check out his stuff)


Bodybuilding Nutrition Round Table:


^^^ pay close attention to this part: "J Beaty: What are your thoughts on the reemergence of the macronutrient food combining theory where carbs shouldn't be mixed with protein/fat meals and fat shouldn't be mixed with protein/carb meals?"

Now, read and be enlightened.


I am sure you know more than me but I'll give you my 2 cent anyway.From what I know I would make breakfast a P+C meal.

Personally what I do is I take egg whites, milk, cottage cheese, berries and a banana and I mix it with cinnamon. My glycogen is replenished.

Then after when all my morning stuff is done about 1.5 hours later I eat red beans (complex carb) with some tuna and celeri. That's my energy for the gym.


I happen to believe the whole P+C+F thing is bolgna, but eat however makes you happy. You've been having a P+C+F breakfast this far, hows it been? I wouldn't change whats not broken, especially breakfast (at least for me because I love breakfast).

I just wanted to point out that if you make your breakfast 10 egg whites + 2 yolks instead of what you're eating now, the overall calories of your breakfast would be greatly reduced.


You don't find hunger to be a problem without any fat?


Yah very true, about the egg whites, that's the main reason why I have kept whole eggs. I love starting my day off with a huge meal, it's great.

So far it's been good. I was plateud at ~270 lbs for quite a while, then I really dialed in my diet. Clean foods only and separating the macros and in a little under 2 months I've put on 10 lbs. You have a point, maybe my breakfast was my anchor and my other meals were what was fucking with me.

I am just making sure I'm doing as many things right as possible.


Jmo here's the thing. I built my base with P+F+C ok? It allowed me to build a huge amount of muscle but I also had more bf than I wanted. I am at the point now where I have enough mass, I just want to continue to make LBM gains while dropping some BF.

I know it works, but it's not what I'm after right now. Articles don't mean shit to me. I've tried both ways, I know how my body responds to both methods, and right now separating the macros is what works for me. That's the only thing that matters.

Interesting reads though, thank you.


Thanks for the input man but I don't eat tuna,celery, fruit, egg whites or cinnamon so no can do :wink:


At 280, you're a big fucking bastard. You know what your doing.


What you need to understand is this: all progress is made by simply doing the things that make a difference day in and day out with mind-numbing consistency.

As an example: consider the thousands of people who have built a ton of muscle over the years, what two things do they ALL have in common?

1) they all added weight to the bar in a progressive manner over time

2) they all ate enough protein to repair muscle, and enough calories to fuel growth

That's it. Beyond that, there are a billion different things that they will tell you are the "keys" to their success.

But guess what? 95% of the time, what they think are the keys, don't fucking matter AT ALL (whether it be not eating carbs after 7:00PM, or seperating macronutrients, or keeping workouts to under 40 minutes, or whatever).

What they don't get, and what you apparently don't get either, is that if they just stuck to doing the things that actually make a difference, and stopped obsessing over all the other shit they think is so goddamn important, they would have made the exact same amount of progress, with much less worry/hassle.

So, in conclusion, if separating out your meals into P+C and P+F allows you to sleep better at night, fine do whatever you like. Just understand that even if you DIDN'T, your progress won't suffer as long as you keep on doing the things that matter (which is apparent that you have been.)


wait, if this is true, then why the fuck are you on this site in the first place?

obviously you already know what "works for you" and have closed off your mind to any information that may contradicts your preconceived notions. so why don't you sign off and do what you know "works"?


Dammit Jmo, Must you shit on every thread?

Im just curious Way, whats your daily eating like? like grams of each macro?



Right, I thought this was gonna be a "you little mofo's can ask me how to eat breakfast in this thread."


Go ahead and show me what I said that you disagree with, and I'd be glad to tell you why you're wrong.


I'll just go ahead and tell you:

step one: fill syringe with AAS cocktail.

step two: inject said cocktail into own ass.

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the breakfast of champs!